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We offer the best deal in town when it comes to paying our referral partners on their referred deals!!

A lot of our partners come to us for the following reasons,


- Your current source offers very high splits but cannot close a door!! As we know 100% of nothing, is NOTHING!

UMS - Our Funding Ratio is Currently 87% of qualified applications, because we pre-screen every application, and will not waste your borrower's time if we don't think we get them approved.


- My current source isn't paying me on my deals!

            UMS - We sign a Service Agreement with all referral partner's that is protecting you. Of course we're all friends and trust each other, but this service agreement, similar to a contract, insures our company pays you OR ELSE!!!!


-I'm currently working with another company!

            UMS - NO PROBLEM, We say give us a chance, what differs us from our competition is our service, contacts, and know how when it comes to obtaining approvals for these types of loans. We GUARENTEE that your ratio of fundings will dramatically go up when you put our company against our competitors!!


- The company I work with currently keeps me in the dark!

            UMS - Since we've been hearing that other companies don't give you updates on your deals and keep you in the dark, we send out weekly status on your referred deals, with the most up-to-date information on where your client lies in our process. It's important for our referral partners to feel comfortable when working with us, since we are trying to establish a relationship and trust factor.




About Us,

Unsecured Money Store is a loan consulting and placement Firm. Here at Unsecured Money Store, we work hand and hand with over 750 different banks and lenders nationwide that specialize in UNSECURED LOANS (NO COLLATERAL, NO DOC). Because we have numerous corporate contacts at these lending institutions, we typically can secure interest rates up to 5% lower than a given borrower working with these very same lenders, as well as being able to expedite the process of receiving funding and not having the hassle of dealing with the tedious application process. There are two very important factors in obtaining an unsecured loan. First, how the application is structured; the lenders have certain guidelines that must be met. The other main factor is structuring the placement of the application with the right lender. We will assist by walking our client's through the application process, which will help eliminate mistakes and enhance your client's chances of getting approved, not just to get an approval, but to get the maximum dollar amount as well as the best possible rates and terms.




1) Personal Unsecured Loans....

            - Installment loans - (3-10 year terms) NO PRE-PAY PENALTIES, Fixed Rates, and Best of all NO INCOME DOC'S REQUIRED, 5-100K available!

            - Personal Unsecured Line Of Credit's - (Only pay on what you draw) NO PRE-PAY PENALTIES, Fixed rates, and best of all NO INCOME DOC'S REQUIRED 5-100K available!

          - These loans can be used for Debt Consolidation, Start-up or existing business, emergency funds, home improvements, home furnishings.... or  FOR ANYTHING YOUR CLIENT DESIRES!!!


2) Business Unsecured Loans....

          - Installment Loans -  (2-9 year terms) NO PRE-PAY PENALITES, Fixed Rates, BUILD UP YOUR BUSINESS CREDIT, Best of all NO INCOME DOC'S REQUIRED, 5-25K No doc, 5-150K if willing to provide financials!

             - Business Unsecured Line of Credit - (Your client only pays on what they draw) NO PRE-PAY PENALTIES, Fixed Rates, All business accepted, Best of all NO INCOME DOC'S REQUIRED, 5-25K No Doc, 5-150K if willing to provide financials!

             - These loans can be used for Working Capital, Business Expansion, or anything your client desires!!!






- Personal Unsecured Loans, 680 Equifax score +

- Business Unsecured Loans, 670 Equifax score +

- Borrower's must have high limits (6,500 or more) on any current    Unsecured debt...the higher the limits the better chance borrower has of getting approved for a higher dollar amount. Credit Cards, and Unsecured L.O.C. count as trade lines.

- Business Loans minimum 2 years in business.




1) Application is always taken by phone, and your client needs to be in front of computer or fax, along with 20 minutes of time to complete the process. THE ONLY THING CLIENT NEEDS is driver's license handy along with business tax id.


2) Our Placement experts will go through qualification process and determine how much we can qualify our prospects for before we submit any applications. If client is comfortable with amount then we will submit.


3) Approvals will begin to come in within 2-4 business days from time of submission, will submit from 3-5 Lenders and multiple offers will shortly arrive.


4) We believe at Unsecured Money Store that we should be paid ONLY, if our clients accept an offer that we obtain for them.  So with that being said, we have NO UPFRONT FEE'S, NO APPLICATION FEE'S, We only get paid a consulting and placement fee, ONLY if your client accepts an offer, so our process is 100% NO OBLIGATION!!!



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