Simple Ways to Clean Your Office

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An office is a place which reflects your lifestyle. Cleaning your office can be a tough task if not done regularly and efficiently. Office mess can be divided into a number of sections, which can make the cleaning routine easier. As it takes a huge space, the cleaning routine has to be very specific. Here are some simple ways which can help to clean your office in a short time.


Paper makes an office the messiest. The best way to clean it up is to compile all the important stuff into individual piles. Make a separate pile for your receipts, notes, etc. Doing this can organize all the important documents, making the paper section clean. This way there would never occur a mess of documents. This can also help one to always be careful with the important files and attachments.

The desk

Your office desk is the most important place which has to be clean as well as organized all the time. Keeping the most important things such as stationery, calendar, books, etc on the top of the table only can bring a change. Other things which are less important should be placed inside the drawer to make the desk neat and tidy.


Hardware includes the printers, scanners and other office use machines are the backbone of the office. It is very important to make a separate space for the hardware, which can make the office look more cleaner and spacious. Don’t let them get dusty by putting them at the front.

Trash duty

The first step towards cleaning is to clean the trash daily. Your office should have a daily janitorial service to make your working space clean and germs free. Assigning a team for this important work can make things right on time. Your eyes won’t like the full trashed bins, as well as your clients. You can visit random in order to get access to good vacuum cleaners and get rid of the trash.


No matter how huge the working space is, there should always be a separate lunch area. Having lunch anywhere in the office can make places dirty. Food spills and crumbs can make a bad impression of you in front of your team.

Waiting area

The waiting area is the place which is in contact with all your clients the most. This area should be not only clean but also very presentable. There should be no mess or irrelevant things. The seating should be free of dust, odor, and stains. It makes a clear impact on the outsiders.

Interior of the office

The interior cleanliness of your office is as important as the interior decor. The fans, air-conditioners, ceilings, curtains and all the furniture should be highly maintained. Giving an off day to the office interior cleaning can be extremely helpful for a maintained office.


Reception is as important as the room of your boss. Any client or company will be directly headed towards reception; therefore it should be more representable than any other section.

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