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Professional Home Stagers not only assist homeowners in their home sale price bottom line, they also assist in facilitating charitable donations to non profit organizations and groups within the local community.

The situations in which a professional home stager is needed usually involves a family relocating or moving to another location, and this represents a large effort for packing items and choosing what to keep and what is to be left behind.

Each Project managed by a professional home stager, incorporates a process which includes; de-cluttering and organizing, resulting in many items that the current owner no longer needs or uses. These usable items can be donated to local community organizations such as thrift stores, women's shelters, women's career groups, homeless shelters and more!

Some items that are in great need, not easily packed or can be replaced once relocated are; food items, these items can be donated to the local food bank or a seasonal hamper drive. Clothing is another group of items that can be downsized and minimize the amount of packing, and clothing items can be donated or put on consignment at a local 2nd hand store. Children's toys are often difficult to pack into boxes neatly and moving presents an opportunity to evaluate what is no longer played with to downsize in inventory making way for new items. Toys are much sought after from women's shelters, where women and children often have fled dangerous situations with little personal items.

Professional Home Stagers are in the business of helping their clients make more money, creating beautiful places that induce joy and happiness, reduce the stress of selling a home and relocating and providing an easy way for all to give back to the community.

Your local Home Staging Expert will have information about all local charitable organizations that you can choose from when donating your items that you no longer need or wish to move, along with the contacts for pick up of your items making giving back as convenient as possible, with a minimal time investment.

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