8 Tips to Make Your Home Safe Before Travel

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When you leave your home for travel, the thing which would bother you the most is the safety and security of your home and valuable assets. You must make sure that no one can break into your home to steal anything after you.

Here are 8 tips mentioned to help you make your home safe and sound before travel.


Monitoring System

You need to install a monitoring system in your home before going for travel. It would help you see whatever is happening in your home even from the distance.

This way, you would be able to get the peace of mind and enjoy your vacations without any tension or worry.


Regular Maintenance

You can ask your pool guy or gardener to keep visiting your home in your absence for the regular maintenance. It won’t only help keep your home clean but also give the intruders the impression that your home is not empty.


Friend or Relative

You can ask your close friend or relative for the favor to visit your home when you are away on a vacation. It is wise to hand over a key to them to deal with emergency situations like fire hazards or thefts.


Mail & Newspaper

If the driveway of your home keeps is filled with mails or newspaper, it would give a clear indication to the intruders that your home is empty.

It is suggested to contact your mail or newspaper service to stop the deliveries for a few days until you are away.


Social Media

It’s a trend nowadays to post on social media sites about every activity. It might notify the intruders about your absence. So, you must make sure that there is not any recent update, post, comment, or wish from anyone on any of your social media accounts.



You can install jewelry safes in your bedrooms before leaving home. However, the safes must be hidden and secured properly. Even if someone is able to get access into your home during your travel, he still would not be able to get hands on your jewelry or other expensive stuff.


Sensor Lights

It is also wise to get the sensor lights installed in your home. It would help protect your home from the intruders whether you are home or not.

You can keep those lights off at certain time in a day especially if you have so many children and pets in your home which can cause disturbances in light. But when you travel, it is better to set timers for sensor lights. It would help keep the intruders away from your home especially at nights.


Emergency Key

You must never leave any emergency or hidden key around your home at any cost. As mentioned above, you can hand it over to any of your trustworthy friends.

But keeping it outside your home when you are away is totally absurd as the thief would know how to find it and get into your home.

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