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I've decided to start a series called Liability for Livability where we take different locations every week by request and see if it is actually livable and fair for the average family/person.

I am hoping that this brings awareness to different markets and pushes real estate agents to do research on different markets. It looks better on you, personally. And having that information to share with potiental clients gives them the confidence to go with you in the buy/sell process as you are well educated and knowledable on the housing market.


Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach in the panhandle of Florida with a population of 12,757 according to the most recent United States census. The overall median age is 43 years old.



  • Blue: Caucasian
  • Light Blue: African American
  • Green: Asian
  • Red: Hispanic
  • Orange: Other












Panama City Beach has a higher population of Caucasians than other ethnicities and is low on the scale of diversity.


The walking score is 32 out of 100 which means you will generally need a car to reach most locations withing location despite the town being relatively small giving you a average 19.5 minute commute to your destination. As of July 25th of 2017, Uber was (re)approved for the Panama City Beach and there are mutiple rideshare options along with local rideshare companies as well.

According to the SSA, the average wage of  the US in 2017 was $48,251.57. Compare the average US wage to the $54,406 average in Panama City Beach and we are well above the US average. The median home price is $208,400 with 43.8% of homes being owned and 56.2% of homes being rented. 


After natural disaster, Hurricane Michael hit Panama City and Panama City Beach, the town fell into shambles and unfortunately price gauging for rent ensued. Santa Rosa resident, Apinya Patterson notes that it was "Almost impossible after the storm" for her to find housing. "Six or 700 square foot, one bed one bath, they're asking for $325 a week," said Patterson. 

Karen Ramsey Rinck has detailed her experience as increasingly desperate. She and her son found a available two bedroom condo for $1800 a month to stay at while her home is rebuilt.


6 months after hurricane Michael, the market for housing is still in the pit, however, with summer tourist season coming, many home owners, business owners and other operations are hoping to be able to make up for loss wages.


In conclusion, Panama City Beach gets a thumbs down for current Livability. Though I am estimating that within a year or so, Panama City Beach should return to a more livable and family friendly city as the demand for housing declines and rebuilding increases. As far as those looking for homes within the area, it is better to purchase in this market than to rent.



  • Known as the Shipwreck Capital of the South, Panama City Beach IS a diver's paradise, famous for its off-shore ship wreck discoveries, which can be found off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Panama City Beach, Florida is the number one Spring Break destination in the United States.
  • Club La Vela is the largest nightclub in the US.
  • Sister's of the Sea is a Dive Bar that hosts live mermaids that guess can get photos with and swim with in their on deck pool.



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