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October Helpful Hints for Homeowners

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Each month the Sandi Reed Real Estate Group provides a list to keep you on track with those essential home repairs.  The fall season is in full swing. This month's task revolve around preparing for winter.

#1     Plant Fall Bulbs & Trees

Many Spring bulbs need to be planted before the first frost.  Need a new tree? This is one of the most economical times to get one as the weather gets colder.

#2    Exterior House Evaluation

Walk around the house and look for possible problems that need to be addressed. Check the roof for leaks and clean the gutters so they will be debris free for winter.

#3     Water Heater Maintenance

Drain the hot water heater to remove any sediments that may have built up. This should be done every fall to help extend the life of the unit.

#4     Have In-Ground Sprinkler System Weatherized

If you have a sprinkler system, now’s the time to blow out the lines so you don't have broken water lines in the Spring.

#5     Continue 5-Step Lawn Care Program

There is still time to get the lawn renovated before winter. As leaves fall you will need to remove them before applying a fall renovation fertilizer. 

You still have time to seed with bluegrass. Be sure to follow fertilizer instructions if you are seeding at the same time. Fall is the ideal time to seed your lawn. Fescue can be seeded now through the end of September. Bluegrass can be seeded as late as mid-October.

We hope these tips keep you on track.  If you have any other questions regarding real estate in Lee’s Summit or anywhere in the greater Kansas City area, give Sandi a call at 816-877-8732, or visit  www.SandiReed.com. Licensed in both Missouri and Kansas.


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