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Buyers have the right to final inspection at any reasonable time before settlement. Not everyone, but most home buyers prefer to do the final inspection close to the settlement day. This is usually done to make sure that the property is in the same condition as it was on the day the contract was signed. They look for damage, the condition of the property, and ensure that the goods mentioned in the contract are still in the property. If this is the first time you are going to sell your home and are wary about a final inspection, read on:

  • The Things That Buyers Look For During The Final Inspection:

Usually, buyers are only there to get a feel of their new house. They’re looking for ideas to plan home decor and get an idea about the furniture they’ll need. Some buyers measure spaces to decide on shopping or positioning of furniture. However, you must be prepared to face finicky buyers who could be testing heating, electrical sockets, etc. As such, some of the things that buyers are allowed to check include, making sure all appliances are in working order, checking that there’s no damage to property after signing the contract,  making sure that all items (appliances, fixtures, furniture, etc.) mentioned in the contract are present, making sure that the repairs promised by the buyer are carried out, and the seller has indeed vacated the house. They will also check if the owner has cleared off rubbish and junk, if any, from the property.

  • All Owners Are Entitled To One Final Inspection, But...

Just because buyers have the right to one final inspection, it does not mean that they can drop in at any time. They must ask for the seller’s permission and give them sufficient notice. Also, they can ask for additional inspections if a problem has been identified. Usually, buyers bring along with them one or two people, but they insist on bringing an entourage, you have the right to object. In fact, this is specifically stated in most contracts, i.e., only one or two people can accompany the buyer during the final inspection.

If you aren’t confident, you could also hire an agent specialising in private house sales.  They can give you tips about handling different aspects of selling your own home, including negotiations and even handing final inspections – all for a flat fee.

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