11 Must-Have Features to Sell a House Fast

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If you want a quick sale, don’t waste time on the wrong updates


If you need to sell a house fast, then Sol Green Homes has the must-have list for a quick sale. The house buying company in South Florida stresses how important it is to concentrate on the house repairs and updates that really matter.


It might be tempting to do a complete renovation thinking it’s going to bring in big bucks and sell your house fast, but that is not the case.


When it comes to decisions on what to do in a house in order to sell it quickly, focus on the things that are going to have the biggest impact for the least expense. Your goal should be what will bring you the biggest return on your investment. Costly house expenses do not always add up to a successful sale.


These 11 “most wanted features by buyers” are what Sol Green Homes says to focus your time, energy and money on:


  1. Laundry Room - 92% of buyers want to be able to have their own laundry room. Does this surprise you? It’s a perk that can help a house stand-out in front of the competition. If a laundry room is not a possibility, at least set up a dedicated laundry space. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just well thought out and functional.


  1. Energy Star Appliances and Windows - When it comes to energy efficient appliances, 90% of buyers look for this feature. It’s no wonder since it means long-term savings in energy costs. Who doesn’t want to save money on house expenses?


  1. Exterior Lighting - 90% of buyers concentrate on the quality of exterior lighting. Well-lit, attractive outdoor spaces are a plus because they add to the sense of safety and accessibility of a house. It also benefits curb appeal.


  1. Ceiling Fans - 86% of buyers look for ceiling fans. They assume a house will have them, so if yours doesn’t, that’s a strike against you.


  1. Patio - 86% of buyers look for a dedicated outdoor living space, like a patio. It gives the impression of more square footage because buyers can picture spending time outside on nice days. A defined outdoor area with seating delivers a big advantage, and it can be a quick do it yourself weekend project.


  1. Full Bath on Main Level - 83% of buyers want a full bathroom on the main level. If your house doesn’t have one, then you need to weigh the cost of updates to the potential return. If your house is stuck in seller limbo, the change might be worth it.


Updates don’t need to be overly costly. You don’t need to opt for high-end finishes and all the best features. A simple, tasteful design will often do the trick.


  1. Hardwood Floors on Main Level - 82% of buyers want hardwood floors on the main level of the home. Carpet is okay in bedrooms, but overall buyers prefer hard surfaces. Consistency is also important, especially in high traffic areas, so avoid several types of flooring from room to room.


  1. Garage Storage - 81% of buyers want a garage to provide storage, and it isn’t always necessarily just for vehicles. People like garages because they provide additional space to store all of the things people don’t want to keep in the house, such as garden supplies, tools, sports and camping gear, holiday decorations, etc.


  1. More Insulation Than Required By Code - 81% of buyers want a little extra when it comes to insulation. This is probably one you didn’t even think of, but it makes sense. This is another big saver when it comes to energy efficiency, which keeps more money in a home owner’s pocket.


  1. Eat-In Kitchen - 80% of buyers desire an eat-in kitchen. You’ve probably heard the expression, “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” Kitchens are a gathering place, and people like to imagine their families sitting around the dinner table together (even if it doesn’t always happen).


  1. Walk-In Pantry - Food is so important, that 80% of buyers look for the ability to store it in a walk-in pantry, with nice, organized shelves lined with plenty of food storage. This may be especially important to those with visions of easy meal-planning and cooking. Again, even if it doesn’t always happen, it’s about what the buyers want and what they can envision as they walk through a space.


Your job as a seller is to help buyers picture how much easier and better their lives will be if they buy your house.


So, if you’re selling a house, and it isn’t showing movement on the market, take a closer look at this list. A house is rarely perfect in as is condition, although depending on multiple factors that sometimes might be the best option. But most likely, some changes are necessary to get you the quick sale you want. Make sure you know when to hire a pro and when you can do it yourself, and focus on what will give you the most bang for your buck.



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