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Perks To Offer Your Agents That Will Help Motivate And Retain Them

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The job of a person managing a group of agents is to help motivate them to sell to the best of their ability. The problem that many companies have is keeping top performers from going out and going into business for themselves. Keeping these agents can help ensure success for years to come so offering perks can be enough to get them to stay on. The goal should be to keep agents happy enough that leaving and going into business alone will never cross their mind. The following are perks that you can offer your agents that will help motivate them to continually increase sales as well as stay with the company.

Increased Commission After A Certain Number Of Sales

If there is a quota for agents to hit that makes commission increase for every sale after hitting the quota can keep agents motivated. It can be very easy for an agent to slack off during certain times of the year whether it is the holidays or a long weekend that might not be the best for selling homes. Make this quota challenging yet attainable as when other agents see people accomplishing this combined with monetary rewards, people will try to close every sale possible. Too many agents forget to follow up with those that might not have been able to afford a certain house. This is a great way to boost sales as rapport that is already built can help an agent acquire a client with one phone call or email.

Those That Always Close Get The Best Leads

The best agents should get the best leads as giving out great leads to below average closers is a recipe for disaster. The poor performing agents might think that this is not fair but the company’s goal is to sell properties rather than lose money by trying to make all agents happy. This does not mean to only give them poor quality leads but make sure a bulk of great leads are going to top closers. All agents should also be trying to get clients on their own as most of their income depends on commission earned. Finding their own client also gives them a larger portion of commission at some companies due to cost of acquiring the client being nothing for the company.

Company Car

A company car can be a great perk as some agents will be traveling constantly to different showings across a city. If an agent is injured via a car accident it is important for the company as well as the employee to seek legal advice. There are statutes of limitations for car accidents so understanding this is important if either party is going to go forward with some kind of lawsuit. A company with locations in various states has to understand that these differ by state.

Rewards For Top Performers Like An All-Inclusive Vacation On The Business

A trip to an all-inclusive resort is something that plenty of companies do whether it is in the staffing industry or real estate. This can even be a great way for the company and its management to bond with staff if they are also rewarded. This is a small expense compared to losing a top performer so factor this in if the cost if a concern.

These perks will help increase sales as well as help retain agents. Keep in mind that some agents will not stay as they have always wanted to work for themselves. This does not mean the company should not try!