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To leap forward in life you have to outgrow your current position. You accomplish this by loving what you do and being at the top of your game; and when you've mastered your job thoroughly, you'll have no choice but to burst out of it. How many times have you seen someone putting out a little bit, thinking they're going to get a lot back? It doesn't work that way. There's a law in our universe that says the more you give, the more you receive. Is this true in your finances? Absolutely. It's true in your relationships, your fitness, health, and everything else.


Success isn't about skills:

If you study a person who's doing extremely well-let's say they're earning $250,000 a year-and compare them to someone who's doing not quite as well-lets say $25,000 a year-is the $250,000 -a-year individual ten times more skilled than the $25,000 -a-year person? No way. If you compare their skills, you may find a razor's edge difference. However, if you compare people by the way they think, feel, and act on a consistent basis, is there a big difference? You bet there is. If you look at the way they invest and leverage their time, is there a big difference? No question.


Understand, leverage, and utilize our unique talents but never ever limit yourself by your uniqueness. Improve upon your talents, leverage them, utilize them to the fullest and continually focus on providing more and more value.

If you don't believe me, that having the right mind-set is more important than having the right skills, complete this power exercise:

  1. Write down three of your top wins or accomplishments so far. Go back as far as you need to find them if needed.
  2. Once you have three, I want you to look at your list and choose the one event that brings up the strongest feelings of accomplishment, the one that really made you feel as if you'd tackled and conquered something worthwhile.
  3. Now, you need to mindstorm a list of the qualities and characteristics that led you to achieve this win. How were you thinking? What were you feeling? What were you doing or not doing? Qualities like determination, passion, focus, trust and confidence might come up. Or vision, persistence, kindness, patience, honesty, or enthusiasm. Come up with as many qualities and characteristics as you can. Do that now before continuing.
  4. Now, you're done, it's time for the fun part. Go back through your list and beside each quality write down if it's more mind-set related or more skill related?


Success, wealth, and even fulfillment have very little to do with skill, intelligence, or even your product. Every Olympic athlete has the skills, yet few win the gold. It's all about the mental game. This is why sometimes the most unlikely people succeed while you scratch your head wondering why. It's because they understand how to use the power of their mind-sets. This is the greatest skill you can achieve.

Success is about service: Give more to get more:

You cannot give what you don't have-if you want to give more, you have to become more. Continuously invest in yourself.

Truly wealthy people always give ten times more value than what they ask for in return. In fact, in many cases when an individual interacts with them,they'll feel they have underpaid for the services, the product, or the  idea they acquire. Truly wealthy people are great givers, and that's true in any field. They're continually focused on providing more and more, giving more and more value. How can you do that in your area of expertise?

Henry Ford told us several years ago, "Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service."

  When you are considering providing more value, it doesn't have to be something that's really complicated. Small things done consistently in strategic places create major impact.

Consequently, as you think about providing value, just ask yourself, what are those small things you can do that will be perceived as high value? What are the things you can do to build relationships so that when your product or service comes to mind, you come to mind?

Point being, it's not the enormous things you do that create high value in many cases, it's those small things done consistently in strategic places that create major impact. This is true in all places in your life, personal or profession. In your personal life, it's not the huge vacations you go on or the great gifts you purchase for each other, it's those small I love yous, those small thank yous, those small ways of supporting each other that make a major difference, isn't it?

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Jun 04, 2008 09:18 AM
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Welcome to Active Rain and congrats on your first post.  Be sure to spend some time looking around at what and how others are blogging here.  It is a great education and lot s of fun.  Looks like you're off to a great start...keep it up!

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I would like to welcome you to Active Rain!

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Hey Ellen, great post!  I'm a fellow KW'er up in Greenville SC / Spartanburg SC.

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Welcome to Active Rain.  Be Careful it can become addictive!

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