Is it Time for LED Grow Lights?

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Higrow 600 watts LED Grow Light for Marijuana Indoors


Have you bought a grow tent for indoor gardening? A green corner at your house looks really amazing. While growing plants in a grow tent, you need to very careful about using lights. LED grow lights are perfect for providing the light that is required for the vegetation as well as for the flowering phase of the light. While it is indoor gardening, it is obvious that you won’t get much sunlight. Therefore, LED grow lights are really important for further indoor growing. Today, you will find how LED grow lights can help in indoor gardening. Read on to know more.

Benefits of LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are perfect for indoor gardening. There are lots of benefits come with LED grow lights. Have a look-

  1.      It Saves Electricity

This is one of the basic benefits of choosing LED grow lights than traditional lighting. It will save much on your electricity bill. During the flowering phase, you need to keep on the lights for several hours. If it is LED light, you can save much on your monthly electricity bill.

  1.      It Produces Low Heat

Too much heat is not applicable to the indoor plants, especially for the cannabis plants. That’s why installing LED grow lights in grow tents will be the perfect choice where the light provides lower wattage according to per sq ft. area. Too high temperature can impair the growth of your plants which won’t happen if you install LED grow lights.

  1.      They Are More Efficient

LED grow lights produce 40% to 60% more efficient light than traditional HID lights. That’s why you can go for such types of lights without any hesitation.

Is LED Light Helps in More Yielding?

The early versions of LED lights were not that much effective in producing more yield due to high-pressure sodium counterparts. Due to the advancement of grow light technology, today growers get more yielding. Top-quality LED lights, like G8, LED 600W Veg/Flower with UV and IR, are perfect for the overall health and growth of the lights.

With the installation of such types of lights, growers can get healthy plants with complete yielding. And you can get this much yielding with lots of other benefits, like consuming less power, producing less energy and heat and also giving you more power to control your plants. If you are growing cannabis plants, such types of lighting can give awesome scent, frostiness, and flavor to such types of plants.

How Much Power of the Light Is Needed?

Usually, you will need 20 or more watts for each sq ft of area inside your garden. For example, if you have 4ft by 4ft area, the power draw will be around 320 watts. Here, you should also remember, that the power draw will always be lower than the wattage. The power usage of the lights will always be less for the safety of designs. Thus, 600w led grow light is what most of the professional growers prefer.

The Blend of Colors

Each color of light has a different wavelength. Growers, usually, go for LED grow lights for decreasing power consumption. Therefore, you should always go for installing such a light that helps in the process of photosynthesis the most.

This means you should buy LED grow lights that come with six to nine wavelengths. If you buy a light lesser than six wavelengths, it will not boost up the growth of the plant. Again, if you buy a light with more than nine wavelengths, that is the extreme wastage of power and as the plants won’t need that much power, the growth will be impaired again.

Another amazing thing with LED grows lights is that they produce ultraviolet rays, which is not possible with any other lighting systems. As it emits UV rays, it increases the production of resin on the plant and that helps in reducing the growth of pest on the plants. Besides this, the UV rays help to grow the plant robustly.

So, today, you get to know more about LED grow lights and their benefits of growing plants in the grow tent. If you are buying a grow tent and planning to have an indoor garden, you can go for such a lighting system that will help you to get more yields.


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