How to Stage a Master Bathroom to Sell

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Nowadays, home buyers are more interested in homes that have multiple bathrooms like a special master bathroom, a family bathroom, a powder room etc. The master bedroom is a highly sought after room by modern home buyers.


Your master bathroom can greatly impact the value of your property. As a result, knowing the kind of features buyers are looking for and putting more effort and time into how you stage it, can pay off when you decide to sell your home.


Wondering how to stage a bathroom to sell? Here are some tips on how to stage a master bathroom effectively.



1. Create a Neutral Ambience


The master bathroom is a room where home buyers want to have privacy and feel relaxed. They’re looking for a clean, soothing, spa-like environment. You can create a neutral ambience in your master bathroom by using natural decoration elements, light neutral colours, luxurious fragrant soaps and bath oils, scented candles or even some shells. Adding some plants can also make the room look warmer and more serene.



2. Renovate the Shower/Bathtub


While staging a bathroom, you need to think about the shower and the tub. Showers are normally used more often than tubs in most busy homes, therefore home buyers prefer bathrooms with bigger showers and extra features such as multiple shower heads, glass enclosures, and fitted seats.


Steam showers are also popular bathroom accessories nowadays as they offer multiple options such as aromatherapy, foot massages, overhead LED lights, phone connection, and body jets. When it comes to bathtubs, most buyers prefer a freestanding soaker tub to a built-in tub with jets.


3. Consider Heated Floors


Adding heated floors to a master bathroom that has a neutral ambience is a smart move. These floors are bound to impress any home buyer due to their luxurious appeal. Heated floors can either be electric or hydronic. Electric radiant flooring operates by use of heated coils while hydronic functions by use of heated water in tubes.



4. Update the Bathroom Fixtures


When staging a bathroom to sell you want to impress potential buyers with good-looking, functional bathroom fixtures that conserve water. It is important to save money on utility costs and conserve the planet; doing so in style will attract buyers. Brushed nickel fixtures bring classic elegance to a room while chrome fixtures are sleek and more affordable. Technological advancements now offer hands-free bathroom fixtures, which most home buyers are seeking. Updating your bathroom fixtures can improve the look of your master bathroom and thus appeal to potential home buyers.


5. Proper Lighting


Lighting is a very important factor. The right lighting is important when you want to create a tranquil bathroom atmosphere. Bathrooms that are not lit properly are unwelcoming, but all hope is not lost. You can brighten up your master bathroom by simply adding some mirrors and LED lights at different levels to make it more inviting. LED lights are great as you can control them with a switch to reach a level that transforms the bathroom into a relaxing oasis that many home buyers look forward to.



6. Organize the Storage Space


People shopping for a new home are always keen on the storage features a home has, and the master bedroom is no exception. Your bathroom should offer plenty of storage space like high-quality cabinets, tower racks, shelves and basket. Take time to organize the storage spaces properly to avoid clutter.


Many of us fall into the habit of accumulating too much stuff that we’re not planning to use or finish – soaps, lotions, shampoos, makeup etc. To potential buyers, this is clutter and excessive information about you. While staging master bathroom, you want the potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space and not to picture you.


7. Keep the Room Clean


Keeping your master bathroom clean and neat, in spite of the daily use while your property is on sale, might be challenging. Prior to an open inspection, ensure the bathroom is spotless. You can do so by opening the windows, removing any laundry baskets and taking out the trash. Don’t forget to clean all the fixtures in the room including the toilet, shower doors, faucets, and bathtub.



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