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First, thank YOU for being a huge part of my life and reading the posts in this group over the years about my crazy real estate adventures to what my Grandma used to call my life in a blender! The amazing blessing about about real estate is we get to BUILD IT AROUND OUR LIFE and reinvent ourselves as our versions of success and life changes.

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I know in my 25 year career in this industry my own personal version of success has changed a million times, from the days when I was trying to work around small children and selling 100+ homes a year, to navigating baseball and football and motorcycles as our boys turned into teenagers to the last couple years as "empty nesters" and wanting more time over more sales.

I know for a fact that so many can relate and honestly it is truly what I LOVE most about the real estate industry and what it has done for my family all these years.

We can be ANY VERSION of success that we want and there is no RIGHT or Wrong!

What I know that I LOVE more than anything is talking to people. Digging deep into what makes them tick. How they navigate business and life, love and marriage, children, step children with blending families and even grandchildren. I have done another podcast called Real Estate Real World for the last four years and continue to have a blast with it. It is available on ITunes and Podbean.

But this new adventure gets to blend the best of all worlds for me, time with my hubby aka Stand up Comedian, the flexibility to still help coach and train in the real estate industry and help my loyal and committed real estate clients that I have been helping for 25 years now and in some cases helping kids and grandkids... yikes!

I value your opinion so much! So shoot me an email and let me know what you think!
Ok we are crazy excited to not only celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary this weekend but to launch our New Podcast.... Drum Roll Please......

Crespillo Talk
33 years…. 6 kids… 7 grandchildren and somehow we make it all work.. Most of the time 😊
Introducing our newest podcast… Drum Roll Please!

Crespillo Talk Available in Audio on Itunes! And to get the full video effect lol check us out on Youtube too!
We have talked about it forever but are finally making it happen.

On Crespillo Talk we will not only talk about our relationship and lives with what my grandmother used to call our Life in a Blender, but we will interview other couples and friends on what it takes to make love last.

We hope you will listen in and share with your friends on social media! If you love our show please give us a 5 star review on Itunes! Check us out on Youtube too!

Warmly and with a ton of love,


YOUTUBE LINK: https://youtu.be/sdr9JCfV8bQ

ITUNES LINK: https://podcasts.apple.com/…/p…/crespillo-talk/id1462320690…

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