Washington...on the Pamlico

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     Arguably, the single greatest attraction to the Washington area is the Pamlico River.  The Pamlico River originates in Washington and runs nearly west to east into the Pamlico Sound.  Years ago, Washington was a port city and offered transportation for all types of commodities.  Now, the attraction of the river is largely recreational.

    Washington's most important attribute is the beautiful Pamlico River and its miles and miles of shoreline.  Many rivers offer a place to tie your boat but offer an area that's just not "user friendly."  Some areas do not offer protected water so that "your knuckles stay white" even on an afternoon daysail.  Other areas do not have protected anchorages at varying distances from marinas so that you can take trips and overnight to various places.   

    The city of Washington, which happens to boast being "the original Washington," offers a more "user friendly" haven for anyone wishing to take advantage of the boating life or to just simply enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and beauty of the Pamlico River.  It features many historical landmarks and architecture dating back to the Revolutionary period.  The waterfront here is beginning to blossom with restaurants and shops.  The annual "Washington Summer Festival" is a tradition now and offers everything from kiddie rides to a chance to slip on the penny loafers and dance to the likes of "The Embers."  Another up and coming tradition, which is reminiscent of old southern-style living, is "Music in the Streets."  This monthly community get-together during the warmer months blends music and neighborly fun.

    The Pamlico River also offers great fishing for a relaxing pastime or an exciting hobby.  Fishing is a way to be out in the open and take advantage of the peacefulness of the area.  An escape from the everyday hustle and bustle or a habit-forming relaxing activity, fishing is absolutely a positive attribute of the Pamlico River.

    Bath, the oldest incorporated town in NC, is just a few miles east of Washington.  It is located on Bath CreekPirate and, as one would imagine, offers walking tours through the old residences.  Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard, the notorious pirate, made his home in Bath when he was not out helping rid seafarers of the early 18th century of their worldly goods,......and sometimes their lives!  Plus, it is said that if you anchor in "Teaches' Hole" near the mouth of Bath Creek, you can sometimes hear the pirates' muskets firing and sabers clashing during the night.

    If boating is a part of your life, eastern North Carolina is made for you.  Many small, navigable creeks are located on both sides of the Pamlico for the 20 or so miles to the Pamlico Sound.  These are largely not inhabited and make excellent overnight anchorages for a secluded getaway.     

    Belhaven, on the Pungo River, is also close by.  Here you can anchor out or dock and enjoy the world famous smorgasbord of "The River Forest Manor."  When you are visiting the area, staying and dining in this colonial southern mansion takes you back to an old southern way of life, in style.

    One of the most popular weekend trips is to Ocracoke.  Ocracoke is an island on the outer banks of North Carolina and is only accessible by ferry.......or boat.  The quaint atmosphere where you can walk to most destinations or, if you want to really expand your horizons, rent a bike is just a short trip away.  Chances are you will run into Mr. Teach (Blackbeard) again here, as Ocracoke was also part of his stomping grounds.  It also happens to be where he met Lieutenant Maynard.......and his demise!

    Boaters will also enjoy trips to the Morehead City, Beaufort and Cape Lookout areas.  There is too much offered in these areas to even begin to do it justice.  I will say that if you experience the beauty and serenity of the natural harbor at Cape Lookout, you will never want to leave.  Trips by land as well can truly be an inviting get-away when visiting these nearby beach areas.

Sunset on the Pamlico    As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of boating opportunity, natural beauty and history to be enjoyed in the Washington area...and beyond!  You don't have to be a boater to appreciate and crave the peaceful calm of the Pamlico River.

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