Charleston Real Estate License – Must I Be A South Carolina Resident?

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The simple answer is…NO!


Having a Charleston real estate license and a South Carolina real estate license is the same. And, in the state of South Carolina, you are allowed to be a non-resident and you are allowed to hold a real estate license in multiple states.


For example, there are a lot of agents that hold a license to sell real estate in South Carolina and North Carolina because they are neighboring states and often help clients in both areas.


In either case, the states that one calls home does not factor into getting a license.


There are many states that have a reciprocity agreement. This means that if you are licensed in one state that reciprocates with South Carolina, then you may not have to complete all of the SC real estate licensing requirements.


It is important that you check with the local real estate school In Charleston about any and all requirements to getting a license.


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If you know someone looking to get into real estate then have them check out the Coastal Academy Of Real Estate which is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

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