The Power of Mother Day 55 Your Million Dollar Year.

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The Power of Mother Day 55 Your Million Dollar Year.When working with the public an experienced agent knows all to well that it is the woman who will ultimately make the decision about their living space, not the man. This is true in most cases and it remains true even in cultures where the man takes the lead on financial issues.  When working with couples and the man/husband/partner asks a question, or makes a comment directly to me I always look at the woman for her reaction to the question. I usually respond with, "I hear what you are saying, I am listening to her."  Invariably the woman understands completely what I am saying and usually the man misses my point.

This is not to say the man has no role in the process of buying or selling their property it is just that it is of less importance to their final decision.  I have worked with several couples where the male was the stay at home and the female was the breadwinner. I have found my belief that it is still the woman who made the decision.With good couples it is a joint decision, lead by the woman.

A woman looks not just at the property and it's features but will consider the neighborhood, the schools, how far to shopping, etc. Not to pick on my gender but the man often wonders where to put the big tv, or how big the lawn is. All aspects of a purchase or sale of a property are important, what I am saying is the woman has a better handle on what ALL is. A professional agent not only understands the house, the neighborhood, the community but also understands the dynamic between the couples they work with. The Power of Mother Day 55 Your Million Dollar Year

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