Immigrants taking advantage of Immigrants

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I am not thrilled with our open border policy but,  once an immigrant gets here,  they should not be explointed. I see it all the time in my legal cases.  The least offensive,  although pretty bad,  is mortgage fraud.  The buyers don't understand how lenders kick back to the loan broker ......the worse the loan,  the larger the kickkback. I have a neighbor,  born in US,  who has some relatives who are here illegally from Mexico.  One of them recently bought a house.  In San Jose,  that is a big deal since our average house prices is well over $600K. 

So,  this couple worked for 20+ years on multiple jobs to finally get enough downpayment and credit history to qualify.  But,  their mortgage broker,  (office and loan agent,  now long gone) put them into a sub-prime loan.  Neg Am,  with a 9% 2nd.  But, the killer was a 3 year prepay.  I looked at their paperwork and saw they had a FICO in excess of 700,  so they could have qualifed for a decent loan.  Now that they know their loan is bad,  they have tried to refi but the penalty on their prepay is 6 months interest.  The real scandal is that the loan brokers made 1 pt upfront $6500 and backend fee of 12,500.  Can you believe the loan broker made $19,000 for putting them into a bad loan and was able to pull this off because he spoke their language.

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