Ancient Therapy in a Modern Market

Services for Real Estate Pros with Kodama Koi Farm


Koi have been steadily growing in popularity in America ever since the end of WW2 when military personnel witnessed their first Nishikigoi shows (see history of koi fish). Resorts, spas and other high-class businesses seem to be especially keen to add the koi esthetic, either as an inside garden or outside common area. Residential properties have followed suit. The reason these high-powered businesses and people are gravitating toward nishikigoi is because of the paradox of balance: when you take time to relax, your productivity and efficiency increases.


Japanese landscaping is simple and powerful. The philosophy of zen, of just existing in the moment, leads the design of koi gardens. Sitting in a place that is designed without clutter, without busy-ness, creates a space for us to declutter mentally, allowing us to return to our lives refreshed.


    Aquatic life has long been prized for similarly zen-inducing properties. Watching the fluid movements of sea creatures, whether on the ocean, TV or in aquariums, produces a calm in us that is unrivaled. Koi take this to the next level: they will interact with humans, and live long enough to start to recognize individuals. The increased availability of koi breeds in the U.S. has meant more specialized residential ponds. Understand why they have grown in popularity is the key to communicating with your clients.


Koi have been a symbol of success for hundreds of years. People who place high value on success understand that productivity is dependant on balance. Anyone who burns the candle at both ends will soon find themselves burnt out and incapable. Mastering the art and science of unplugging means increased well-being, and increased productivity. It’s the dichotomy which Americans have long struggled to grasp, but Japan has mastered. Creating a sanctuary within your home space means access to a meditative space in which you can rejuvenate yourself daily. Technologies such as self-feeders and bio pond filter remove the burden of care. You have less to worry about; you can enjoy the pond at your leisure without fear of mistreating these beautiful long-lived companions.


Residential and commercial properties that include koi ponds are likely affluent areas and individuals. People looking to create beautiful spaces for their families and self are turning to in-home sanctuaries, which provide high powered therapeutic benefits as well as ease of access. We hope you visit our koi pond store to help you understand the appeal and driving factors behind the increase in commercial and residential koi ponds.


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