The 7 Best Car Mods You Can Do Yourself

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Everyone wants a beautiful car which can grab the attention of everyone around it. Since there is no limit to the modifications you can imagine for your car, you need to try them as well to make your car stand out of others. You may not always require the help from an expert instead you can do it yourself with your creativity and skills.

Here are 7 best car mods mentioned which you can try yourself.


LED Lighting

LED lighting is always one of the best car modifications which you must try at least once. It can help make your car look like a luxurious one without much effort and money.

There are many styles and designs available in LED lighting but you need to end up with the one which is best suited to your car.


Wiper Brackets

Since normal wipers are too mainstream, you can try wiper brackets in a unique color combination to make sure that your car looks different from others. It would not require much of your money, time, or effort. You can simply get the brackets installed in a few minutes without the help of an expert.


Upgraded Audio System

The audio system of a car is mostly outdated but you can simply upgrade it to increase the value of your car. The system you install must be compatible with your smartphone. This would enable you to play your favorite songs from any of your phone apps and enjoy hearing them during your drive.


Fog Lights

Fog Lights is one of the most popular features of a modern car. You can add fog lights in whatever car model you have to attract the potential buyers towards it.

Also, the fog lights are really cheap which make it a very affordable and easy modification. You must pick any unique color to give more individuality to your car.


Seat Covers

It is one of the most common and useful modifications which can make your car look entirely different. Since there are a lot of options available, you need to pick the best one according to your personal need and requirement. You can simply go for leather covers as well to give the interior of your car a luxurious and comfortable look.


Tire Bling

Tire Bling is another useful car modification which doesn’t only make your tires shine but also cause to protect them from water, mud, and dust. It is a really cheap modification to which there are no limitations. However, you need to be extra careful with the process or else take help from any renowned coach builder who can implement your idea safely.


Custom Hood Ornament

A custom hood ornament can be anything based on your personal preference and taste. You can get any of your favorite 3D models, be it a flying horse or a dragon.

People go for really weird pieces while searching for hood ornaments but it is indeed a useful modification which can add value to your car.

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