Getting through hard times

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I don't think anyone is out there to say that life is easy.

Sure some parts of life are easy, but there are plenty that we are designed to struggle with.

Today I want to talk a bit about how you can get through hard times and find yourself on the other side a better human.

1.  Consider the Length

Sometimes things pass quickly.  Sure, you know they're going to be hard -- but they won't drag on for days.  Something like labor.  People are always wondering how long an epidural last, but the reality is that HARD labor doesn't usually last for more than a day and then you move on with your own bundle of joy (which has its own struggles).

2.  You're Just the Manager

I had always heard "let go and let God" and I was like (?).  What on earth does that mean?

Personally, I needed another type of metaphor to let it go.

Something I am VERY familiar with is the boss/worker type relationship.

Where there is an owner, a manager and a worker.

For me, it helps to picture God as the owner, he has the whole picture and knows where the "business" needs to go.

I am the manager.  God tells me to do something and I do my best to carry it out.  

That's it.

It's not really my job to figure out where to steer the ship, just to do the day-to-day- tasks it requires to get the work done.

Because I don't think God expects us to just sit back and let life happen.  But, to be active workers in the business.

Anyway, that metaphor has helped me through a lot of times.  God's in charge, I'm just a manager.

3.  Enjoy the Coast

Remember when you are a kid and you'd pump SO hard to get to the top of the hill -- so you could just coast down.

Life is like that.  Enjoy the times that you're just coasting down the hill.  Notice how grateful you are for the beauty around you, the wind in your hair.  All of that.  Remember that it's worth the hard pump up the hill to enjoy those few minutes back down.

4.  Gratitude is Everything

I used to somehow think that gratitude was for when you were in the easy times.  But it is SUPER EASY to be grateful when life is going right.  It's much harder when you're hitting bumps in your way.

Being grateful during all segments of your life can be a huge difference to your attitude towards what you're able to see.  It's amazing.

In fact, each morning I name 5-10 things that I am grateful for.  It really helps me start the day out on the right foot.  It's a nice feeling.

Those are my tips to getting through the hard times.

A lot of them are habits you're getting into daily, so that when the hard time comes it's just a habit.  

Either way, they are all life skills that will help you be a happier, better person.


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Thank you for sharing your information with us Hilary Erickson 

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Monday May 20, 2019. 

May 20, 2019 11:10 AM

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