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Need a Real Estate Investors Helper

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I am a real estate investor who needs a good assistant or helper. I need someone with all the normal good qualities; honesty, positive track record, willing to learn, able to take direction, early to work late to leave, bent on making a lot of money as long as it is not today.  A person that wants to own their own business and will pick up sticks, paint, hang lights, work on the webpages with heart, passion, and energy. A trainee or an experienced person who wants a better life and income potential. 

What I do not need is a know it all or smart guy who already believes he knows how to make money in real estate. We do not need the person that is too good to sweep floors, pick up sticks, talk to people or work on the social media webpage. The person who doesn't want to talk on the phone or buy supplies or order a dryer is also not needed. 

This is a great business if you can work smart and think outside of the box. Hey Activerain team, what other qualities did I forget? I am always looking for one more good person for our team at A O Home Solutions in McDonough GA.

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