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Buy A Home In Chandler AZ

When you are interested in buying a home you need an experienced Realtor® and comrade in arms: a close ally to help steer you toward homes you and your family will love for a lifetime, find you the best possible mortgage, and all in all help you through this emotionally and financially taxing process. That’s where Jay Mecray will make a world of difference. Jay will find you the perfect home while handling all the stressful details that come with buying a new home (especially if it is a first time experience!).

Jay has your back. And your front. Every side, actually and he makes it his goal to make every home buying transaction smooth and stress free for every one of his clients when they are ready to Buy A Home In Chandler AZ.

Jay is an Experienced, Licensed & Professional Realtor®. What does that mean? There are many different titles in the Real Estate industry: agent, broker, Realtor®, etc. Are they all the same thing? The simple answer, NO.

Realtor® is an Experienced, Licensed Fiduciary Agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors®. Realtors adhere to a detailed code of ethics to treat their clients honestly and fairly. As a Realtor®, Jay is a Legal Fiduciary to his clients; meaning, Jay has a legal obligation to act in the best interest of each and every one of his clients. Consider it “added insurance” that Jay is committed to your cause!

A real estate agent; on the other hand, is anyone who’s earned a license to sell property, almost always inexperienced, and simply entails taking minimal course work and then passing a state exam.

Now that you know the difference, give Jay a call and get your new home search started today: Jay Mecray (480) 868–3814

Buy A Home In Chandler AZ

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You can speak with Jay Mecray yourself today: (480) 868–3814

Jay Mecray — Your Personal Real Estate Expert

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Buy A Home In Chandler AZ

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