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Every real estate course should deal seriously with the issue of the appearance that the real estate agent should convey in their work. Appearance is not just a matter of dress, but also of the body language you transmit.

Validum Institute is a Registered Training Organization (RTO No. 41224) that delivers nationally recognized and non-accredited real estate and property courses and qualifications where you teach everything about the real estate appearance matter etc.

Whether you are starting a career in real estate or you are a real estate professional seeking further real estate training, Validum Institute can assist and mentor you for success in your real estate or property career.

Validum Institute range of real estate courses – from entry level courses into the real estate profession (such as our Registration Certificate or Resident Letting Agent courses) right through to advanced courses for experienced real estate professionals seeking higher qualifications (such as our CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) or Real Estate Agent License course).

There are 2 factors, which as a real estate agent you should always remember.

First factor.- The customer’s first impression of you in a business environment (buying and selling) is the one that will prevail in your subconscious , be it true or erroneous, and it will be difficult to change it. It is easier to change it in social relationships, but not in labor relations (and much less in buying and selling relationships). Therefore, it does not matter that your client is wrong or is a difficult person to content, what matters is the impression he / she takes from you.

Second Factor. -Second, as a real estate agent you are selling a high-priced product and therefore your appearance should be in line with the price. It is demonstrated that when there is no consonance between product and seller, (something that is not taught in the typical “real estate course”) , the client perceives it unconsciously and his brain informs him that “something happens here”. The result of this worrying thought is that the client will not tend to speak, will not tend to answer your questions honestly and will tend to act with suspicion.

Let’s see how you can improve the image you project so that it transmits trust and is consistent with the product you sell.

Real Estate Course. The Appearance as a Selling Tool.

Many real estate agents, for culture, do not believe that investing in their image is necessary to sell more. Your dress is a key point in your image, your way of dressing should not only be according to your body type, but also with the type of profession you exercise.

Sometimes you will lose sales due to the poor image that your clothing projects on your clients. To avoid this result, here are some of the points you should review:

1. - Keep your shoes always clean, even polished. The shoes, (especially in the eyes of women), project how careful or careless you are.

2. - The hands and nails well taken care of. This is one of the points that men usually neglect most.

3. - The hair, it is important that always look combed and well taken care of.

4.- The accessories must always maintain a balance, be discreet but elegant, it is unpleasant to see a person loaded with too many accessories or with clothes with too flashy colors or that do not combine.

5. - A bad combination between articles denotes lack of criteria and personality. If you are one of those who have difficulty at this point, I recommend that you as a Real Estate agent seek professional advice. Start with the internet informing you of the colors and accessories that should not go together.

Maybe some real estate agent will smile when reading this, thinking that it is given too much importance. Well, think again, because if Amazon’s top executives pay thousands of dollars for this type of advice, (Newsweek magazine, March 2001 ), a real estate broker should take more into account the importance of his appearance to sell a property, (a more expensive product than Amazon sells).

Real Estate Course. Release the Right Message

As a real estate agent you not only have to invest in dressing well , but your body movements , your body language must convey professionalism and safety without becoming threatening or uncomfortable for your client, (something that if not taught and practiced, is not get, however smart you think) .

Knowing how to move your body without it coming to transmit threat or suggestion (sexual), is something that must be learned. When you have acquired this skill is when you will realize how badly you did it before, how important it is and the results that are achieved in any sale situation.

You must learn to transmit confidence in the first 10 seconds of interaction with your clients with your body language.

These are basic techniques of a body language that transmits confidence:

1. - Always Smile. The positive reaches of a smile are enormous. The human brain prefers faces with positive, happy expressions. The brain recognizes them quickly and pays more attention to them than those with negative expressions.

2. - The Greeting. Always say hello to your customers. In doing so, veil them directly in the eyes - while you smile - and offer your palm upwards,

3. - The Posture. Your posture should be open at all times , crossing your arms, putting a folder or a finger tie on your chest will create a communication barrier, so it will be more complicated to communicate efficiently and generate empathy with your client.

On the other hand, tilting the head and slightly tilting the trunk of the body forward, will help you generate understanding, empathy and closeness with your client.

4. - The Distance. From 1.2 to 2 meters is a good distance to negotiate a sale. Being closer can generate discomfort and further disinterest.

5. - Show your clients what you are listening to. This is achieved by moving the head up and down slowly, looking into the eyes and with expressions that show attention: “of course; I see; already, already; of course, of course; ... “

Real Estate Course: When Being “Handsome” Does Not Help. The History of Micaela

What are you an attractive woman, a handsome man? If you do not know how to use your attractiveness effectively or effectively, it will turn against you in a sale situation. Do you think I exaggerate? I’ll tell you a little story.

Years ago I had Micaela in my sales team, a truly attractive woman who dressed very well and was a good professional, but her beauty did not let her close sales. Micaela had trouble selling one of our houses or apartments even though she was a good professional and worked hard. He sold some, of course, but not as much as he could. Sometimes Micaela was unmotivated; especially when other agents who were not as professional as she closed more sales.

After having a sincere and a little uncomfortable talk, we both decided that she should exclusively dedicate herself to the sale of offices and commercial premises. From that moment on, everything changed for Micaela. He sold offices and stores like nobody else, he was the only one selling. Her sales changed so radically that Micaela became a member of the real estate agency 10 months later. Anyone let Micaela decide to start a business on her own!

Why is this change so important in Micaela’s sales? Because a house, an apartment or a villa, who buys it is the woman; not man

The woman is the one who really has the last word. It is enough that his partner, (to give an example of so many) , has looked at Micaela in a way that his wife did not approve, (whether or not that look existed) , the sale would be difficult to close for Micaela. In a sales relationship, being handsome or pretty hurts when the valuation is made by a person of the same sex as the seller. You can say that this is a macho vision of the world and that this is all talk. Until it happens to you.

On the other hand, the stereotype of the beautiful and little competent woman continues to exist.

The same thing can happen to you if you are an attractive man. In business to be attractive you have to know how to channel, to be able to use it effectively. Being a handsome salesman has its problems even if it is not appreciated at first sight. Especially since you cannot go careless to a sales meeting trying to look less handsome than you are.

In short, your way of dressing influences more than your physical beauty. If you have both and know how to channel the latter, there is no doubt that you will become a successful real estate agent. If your worked and polished appearance, (achieved with sacrifice), you add professionalism and preparation, you do not need to attend many sales courses, because many times the sale of your property has been closed before you have asked your client, ( or the couple) , if they are interested.

I would appreciate it if you would leave us a comment on this article. Do you think that beauty and success go hand in hand in the real estate sector? Your opinion interests us Thank you.


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