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Dependable Homebuyers Newport News has announced that they now offer a reverse mortgage alternative to retirees in Newport News, Virginia. Those who are in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area who are in urgent need of some cash for things like medical expenses, but would still want to live in their houses, can sell a Newport News house fast to Dependable Homebuyers, who will then rent the home back to them. Unlike a reverse mortgage, the person who sold the home will no longer be responsible for any repairs that are needed for the home.

Evan Roberts, owner of Dependable Homebuyers, states, “We are excited to be able to offer a way out for retirees in Newport News who are in need of money for something that is urgent, such as medical bills. What they can do is sell their house to us fast which allows them to get hold of the funds they need as quickly as possible. The good thing is that they will be still be able to live in their homes because we will rent the home back to them.”

Another advantage for the homeowners who sell their homes to Dependable Homebuyers is that they are no longer responsible for any repairs that are required for the home. The only thing they will need to think of is paying the rent. Dependable Homebuyers will be responsible for any repairs that have be performed.

Dependable Homebuyers is composed of a team of real estate professionals who are familiar with the Newport News neighborhood and are therefore well-experienced in determining the appropriate price for the home. As such, after inspecting the home, they can provide the homeowner with a guaranteed cash offer within 24 hours. Those who want more information about this can visit their website.

Those who are interested in selling their home to Dependable Homebuyers will just need to know that there are four basic steps. The first step is to inform the company about the details of the property. The second step is for the company to assess the information provided and if it complies with their buying criteria, they will contact the homeowner to set up an appointment where they will inspect the property.

The third step is for the company to present the homeowner with a written, no-obligation offer. They assure that the offered price is fair and the best possible price. Of course, the homeowners can always make a comparison of the offered price with the selling prices of similar homes and they are not obligated to accept the offer. The last step is to close a local reputable title company if the homeowner does accept the offer. The result is the homeowner gets the cash in as short a time as seven days.

Evan Roberts explains that the reason the process is so fast is that they are not the usual real estate firm and they do not list the house. They will actually be the ones who will purchase the home and they are willing to pay in cash. This means that they can close quickly because there is no need to wait for any approvals unlike in the usual home buying process.

Furthermore, there are no fees to be paid to a real estate agent because they are the direct buyer of the home. What this means is that the amount that is quoted by Dependable Homebuyers is actually the whole amount that the homeowner will receive in cash. And there is really no need to make any repairs or clean the property because they will buy the house in any condition.

Dependable Homebuyers is company in Newport News, Virginia, that buys homes fast, allowing the homeowner to get hold of the money that they need in just seven days. Evans explains that their cash offers for the home are always fair, which means that the home sellers are being given the best possible price for their home.

Those interested in getting more information about the reverse mortgage alternative being provided by Dependable Homebuyers can check the real estate news that they provide or they can visit their site or contact them by phone or by email.

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