Carolyn Virginia Seward Edwards- a Beautiful Life Well Lived

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Carolyn Virginia Seward Edwards- March 17th, 1931 - May 18th, 2019

Beautiful, Sensitive, Caring, Loving, Giving, Supportive, Dedicated.

Whatever you had going on in your life, Carolyn was always there. You could tell her anything- she always cared, she always listened, and encouraged us in our endeavors.

Mom always made you feel better, AND Loved.

I have nothing but fond memories of my childhood growing up on Courthouse Highway- she was a great wife to DeDe, and a loving mother. I loved her macaroni and cheese and many Thanksgiving meals, the way she made a ham sandwich with home grown tomatoes, and pickle on them. She was really good at many things, but those ham sandwiches really stand out in my mind.

Mom took us on the vacations while Daddy worked at the plant, usually it was with Grandma Seward. We’d pile into that old Ford Galaxie Country Squire station wagon and go to the mountains- Natural Bridge, Luray Caverns, Tweetsie Railroad.

DeDe would go with us to the Ocean View amusement park, and historical sites like Mount Vernon, Monticello, the Washington monuments, Gettysburg. We enjoyed our family vacations and mama knew the importance of taking them together as a family.

Mama was giving of her time for us ALWAYS. She attended all of my ball games from the time I was 8 years old to 18 as a senior at Isle of Wight Academy. (As she did for Karen and Joe when they participated in different sports)

I wrote in December that “DeDe was “My Biggest Fan”. Well, Carolyn may have quietly been the biggest fan all along. It was mama who drove me to all of those football practices at Beale Park, every night. Of course, there were basketball practices and more games to attend too. I’m sure she enjoyed it when DeDe coached one of my little league baseball teams one year to give her a break from driving me to and from every practice. She was always supportive, and never critical of me growing up. If I had a bad game, she would, yes, listen, and then offer words of encouragement…trying to make me feel better. DeDe would try to help me out after a tough basketball game, and tell me, “Son, I think you need to put more arc on your shot next time.” Mom just listened, and offered words of encouragement, she would say, “It’s okay, you did good. We’re both proud of you”. It’s clear now, they were BOTH my biggest fans.

Mom became a big Virginia Tech fan after I left home and went to Blacksburg. Of course, when Brooke attended UVA, she pulled for both and refrained from taking either side- although, I know she was quietly rooting for the Hokies when they played.

Mom met DeDe one summer in 1946 while on a family picnic at Burwell’s Bay while visiting her favorite cousin, Bunkie. There was a popular dance hall on the pier and they had a jukebox. It was where DeDe and Carolyn first met and where DeDe was trying to teach her how to dance. I think DeDe was a little jealous that Carolyn was a majorette at Suffolk High School, as he would tell me growing up how beautiful she was and what great legs your mama had. Must have been tough on the country boy from Isle of Wight wondering who she was talking to in downtown Suffolk back then. They were married in July 1949, and they enjoyed 69 years together as husband and wife.

She dedicated her life to her family. Carolyn continued her selfless ways with her involvement with her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She attended many of their sporting events, took care of them when we went out of town, and was always there for the important events throughout their lives as well. She enjoyed being involved in all of our lives, and looked forward to being there for us. Carolyn was sincerely interested in what we all had going on and stayed connected with each grandchild, and loved each and everyone of us equally. We will never forget her kindness, her caring and loving way. I will miss her words of encouragement and support, but we’re glad she is now with the love of her life, DeDe. Thank you mama, we love you, and appreciate all you have done for us. Your love of family will carry on forever.


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