Do you want to know about ostrich oil and its benefits

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The use of ostrich oil isn't exactly something new. It has been used since antiquity by the old world civilizations like the Egyptians and Romans. However, there has been lots of hype about the usage of ostrich oil and its benefits. Some people think its all hoax and some people might regard this as the next elixir of life or something like that. So today we are set to find out how and why does ostrich oil is creating so much hype and whether it's worth it.

What exactly is the ostrich oil?

Well, it's an extracted oil which is found from the fats of an ostrich.

As many of you know, Ostrich is one of the biggest birds who can't fly. Although that doesn't mean they are not useful. Many peoples commercially raise Ostrich in many places like Australia to India. They are proven to be quite profitable, and everything they provide . from meat to the skin has many uses and applications. The ostrich oil is extracted from the lairs of fat that is found underneath the skin of the ostrich birds.

Difference between emu oil vs ostrich oil

Many of us tend to get confused between the emu and the ostrich birds. So when it comes to the oil, we are more prone to make a mistake. But there is actually little to no difference between emu oil vs. ostrich oil. Both of them are used for the same reasons and can be used as a replacement for each other. Although there are some differences. Here are a few that we think worth mentioning

Ostrich oil contains far more omega 3 6 and 9 acids than the emu oil.

The ostrich oil believes to have a tinier molecular structure, so it doesn't have the chance to clog the skin.

Emu oils tend to have more artificial compounds used in it.

Benefits of ostrich oil

It can help to ease nipple sensitivity.

Motherhood is an absolute joy and also the best time of life for mothers. But it does not come with the only dreamlike situations one might expect. There are some difficulties, as well. New mothers often complain about nipple pains due to breastfeeding. Its quite common and happens regularly as they are not quite used to it. Neither does the tissues of the nipple or areola. New mothers can seek the aid of creams that contains ostrich oil as the omega acids in this tend to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain.

Ostrich oil facilitates hair growth.

Are you suffering from pattern baldness and doesn't seem to find any ways to regrow the lost hair? Then you should try to use the ostrich oil on your scalp. Same as the emu oils, it contains a high level of omega acids. Ostrich oil proved to has 40% more omega acids. So using them on your scalp can encourage the hair roots and follicles to get thicker and also regrowth.

Quite useful for Healing skin

The most common usage of ostrich oil is for healing and treating different problems regarding the skin. It has been used for thousands of years for moisturizing the skins. It is also useful for treating sunburns and bruises as well. The tiny molecular structure of the ostrich oil can get inside the skin quite quickly and replenish the cells and heal them quite easily. It also has various antioxidants and anti-aging properties as well. So it can effectively be used in bringing back the glow and reducing the wrinkles caused by aging as well. Ostrich oil is believed to be one of the most popular anti-aging product right now in the market.


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