8 Great Instagram Apps

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If you're on the hunt for some great new Instagram apps, I've got you covered.

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You probably think of Tailwind as a Pinterest tool, which it is. But it also has some really powerful Instagram features.

It'll create a "smart schedule" for you, based on your best times to post.

It allows you to autopost.

It even suggests good hashtags for you.

I highly recommend checking it out.


If Tailwind isn't your cup of tea, you might like Planoly.

Planoly is another autoposter. My favorite feature is that it lets you put draft posts into your actual grid and move them around so you can see how things look.

Pretty snazzy.

A Color Story

A Color Story is my favorite photo editing app as far as filters go. It's got tons of other editing features too, but I really heart the filters. There are TONS of them (you can buy filter packs for like $2.99) and they're super cool looking. I use it on most of my photos.


Storeo allows you to upload a video and then it will break it into 15 second chunks to be upload to IG Stories. That's it, nothing fancy, but totally necessary if you're a Stories user.

Word Swag

Word Swag is a great app if you want to create some Insta quotes and you aren't too worried about them being branded. It's got tons of text styles and lots of backgrounds to choose from. You can create some pretty cool stuff.


Canva isn't only an IG tool, I use it for everything. But it also works for IG graphics. (It's an AMAZING free graphic design tool, if you actually haven't heard of it).


VSCO is another great photo editor, also with great filters. I use it in conjunction with A Color Story sometimes.


Snapseed is a fantastic photo editor. It allows you to edit SO many little things, it's really great.


There you go, those are my 8 go-to apps. To read about even more IG tools that I love, click right here.