Selling your home

Home Inspector with Homewood Inspections, LLC HOI.527

Have you thought about getting a home inspection ?

It could alert you of any potential issues with home that will scare buyers away such as:

  • Utilities problems with the electrical, heating and cooling unit, plumbing, etc
  • Potential roof and flashing issues
  • Potential structural issues
  • Deficiencies with exterior and interior items
  • Safety issues such as GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, etc.
  • Wood destroying insect infestations (termites, carpenter ants, etc.)
  • Radon and water testing is also available…And more

…And in turn:

  • Gives you time to make any needed repairs with the contractors of your choice and at the price of your choice
  • You help explain issues or problems so as to eliminate any misstatements or problem areas that a buyer will question
  • Show your home better and attract more buyers
  • Give your real estate agent a competitive edge over other houses
  • Helps sell your home faster
  • Price your home at the right price



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