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A bit more than a year ago, I received a phone call from a realtor named Ernie that lives in City of Jasper, Georgia.   If you have never visited this place it is God's country and beautiful!   He and the love of his life Casandra reside there with their five children.


Ernie and Casandra formed a power house of a team called The Dean Team Georgia.   Their eldest of five children Chase recently graduated high school last year and got his real estate license to join his family business.   

Ernie & Casandra Dean

Ernie and I had many conversations about real estate, our brokerage, home buyers/sellers and just people in general.

It is rare that one finds someone with so much dedication and passion to just do good by people and to do what is right...always. Ernie is a great friend that has constantly pushed others to always be better and to study different angles of things.


No joke. Have you ever met someone that is so passionate, on fire and dedicated? It is truly a humbling experience just to know them. To be in his presence and brainstorming with him about the biz was always a privilege and made me a better person and better at what I do.  


Eight years ago through sheer determination and Gods grace, Ernie beat #coloncancer.  Recently he had found out that it has returned and doctors have sent him home to hospice care.     If you are able to give even a dollar to this family during this difficult time it would be appreciated.  I think we can all agree that #cancerSUCKS. This family team of fellow #realtors can use some help right now.

Please share/copy/paste this GoFundMe link. Thank you for your time and consideration. 



Dean Team Medical GoFundMe Page

The Dean Team

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