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I've found that in many feng shui consultations one of my recommendations is the same.  The addition of a chiming clock to the home will cure a lot of problems.  

Even people who think they couldn't manage the constant bonging...find that if they properly adjust the volume and increase a little every week, they'll soon not even notice.   

Why a chiming clock?  Well, the sound of metal (particularly Westminster Chimes) is a physical remedy for several problem star combinations.  Chimes and singing bowls (the sound of metal) have been used for hundreds of years to "clear the air".  

Even church bells have been used not only to call people to prayer but to send messages to heaven.  Church bells are used to warn, celebrate, and to grieve, as well as to simply tell the town what time it is.

So, if you're having trouble in your home, consider getting a chiming clock.  Then if your troubles continue, call a reputable Feng Shui Consultant.  

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