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Mojo Dialer and PieSync Partner to Keep You Connected

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Today’s busy Real Estate offices leverage multiple cloud applications to manage their contact data. Some, like Mojo, manage the front of your pipeline. Some maintain your database of contacts such as SOI and Past Clients. And others are used for marketing and transactional tasks.

The rub is that most of these apps do not communicate with each other, keeping your contacts and their place in your pipeline or workflows in sync. This means a mountainous, manual amount of work to keep all your contacts and activities in sync.

Two-Way Syncing puts a stop to duplicated data between apps.


Our new PieSync integration can keep your Mojo Dialer calling lists, groups and associated contacts, in sync with your favorite companion apps - like your favorite CRM. This new integration gives you the power of 2-way syncing between Mojo and 170 other cloud-based apps. And it all happens in real-time.

When the connection is first made, PieSync will collect the existing data in both apps. It then merges the duplicates found in both environments.

After the initial sync, PieSync will perform real-time checks and log changes made on either side of the connection . This ensures all data updates and edits match between the apps.


This cloud-based synergy means no more manually importing/exporting data between Mojo and your favorite apps!


It’s 2019 and you’re probably familiar with the term ‘if this, then that’. If this is not a familiar term, no problem. If this, then that, refers to a set of triggers, actions and rules that automate the communication of data between two or more apps. These conditions are set up in PieSync and control the data flow. 

For example, you can tell PieSync:


IF a contact is put in ‘Mojo group Hot Lead’, THEN sync it two-way with ‘CRM A’ Category Opportunity’. 


This is a general, easy to understand example, but PieSync’s powerful rules allow communications and updates at a very granular level if required. 

The best part, any changes made to these contacts after the sync, are auto-updated between both platforms, now that’s cool:)

This new integration is really going to save you time, and money - think of it as one database, across all your cloud apps - always updated and accurate!


Many of the available PieSync apps are frequent custom integration requests for our development team - score!


  1. Brivity CRM
  2. Contactually CRM
  3. Podio CRM
  4. Sales Force CRM
  5. Zoho CRM
  6. Highrise CRM
  7. Facebook Leads

Check out the explainer video by clicking here.


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