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How's the Market in Wrightsville Beach?

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seriously. right now let's talk about

Wrightsville Beach oceanfront homes

Wrightsville Beach real estate and

condos for sale etc how is the market

doing in Wrightsville Beach condos and all that

goodness so real quick my my website

Wilmington-real-estate.com with dashes.


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it's been upgraded and it shows the home

so nicely now you can look at a home

with all of its pictures just on the

main screen with all the listings and

you don't even have to click on the

listing you can just filter through all

of these just from the main search

results in whatever niche you're looking

for but anyway the markets been

interesting here and it gives us a good

lesson on how mention specific any

market can be within a niche there's

some niches I mean it's it's fascinating

stuff to look at so in Wrightsville

Beach we go back let's say I'm looking

at a three-year chart here and the

average our median sales price here is

gone from about 1.15 million up to 1.6

million okay and I just calculated it

calculated it out real quick it's 45%

increase of home values in three years

now what in the world is that about

about well some of its appreciation but

then a lot of it is about new

construction so are the homes that used

to sell for 1 million really selling for

a 1,450,000 now


I would say not quite maybe at one point

two five nine but you had these new

construction homes and they cost lots of

money I was on your contract on one for

2.2 million although that was a vertical

duplex so actually I wouldn't come into

this but it makes the point that these

new the all new homes cost a lot of

money in Wrightsville Beach

they're pretty infrequent so if you're

looking for new construction

there's not many opportunities that's

for sure what about condoms though they

were three years ago at six hundred ten

thousand and now the average is around

seven hundred forty thousand so those

went up maybe one third as much as the

houses - mmm I would say they went up

15% for example in three years so it's

quite a difference and why would that be

well are there new construction condos

out there in Wrightsville Beach almost

none okay unless it's a vertical or side

by side duplex that's technically a

condo there's this they're not building

new buildings they're at Wrightsville

Beach so that doesn't inflate the value

as much so they save much more steady

with it only show true appreciation

because there's not a new construction

wants to to look at however it varies

greatly within buildings for example

Shell Island Resort three years ago the

homes that were on floors two three four

or five those only used to sell for two

forty to sixty okay and that was it but

now they're all closing for three

hundred thousand and I just sold one on

the fourth floor for two ninety-eight

but one does close I think I'm a the

seventh floor or fifth floor for three

ten the point is they're almost all over

three hundred thousand now three years

ago a lot of them were at 240 and 250 so

that is crazy appreciation right there

over the last three years that show

island resort condos for sale so hope

that gives you some perspective also

real quick let's look at the inventory

because that would be

fascinating to see and I'm not familiar

with it I'm a little low so a dramatic

decrease in inventory for both the

condos and the houses the last three

years and then if we look at on average

days on market that should be

interesting so you have higher prices

much smaller days on market and a much

smaller inventory lower inventory days

on the market are not that unchanged

compared to before a few years ago and

I'll leave it at that that tells you a

lot about Wrightsville Beach it is a

premier beach it's very wide and deep

it's very flat so people love it because

it's for the family friendly your kids

aren't going to just drop off a cliff

into the ocean and get you know read

about it in the newspaper


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