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Wheelchair friendly Beaches in North Carolina | Oak Island

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hey everybody i'm jay with wilmington-real-estate.com.

so a few months ago I

was showing vacation rental properties

that's a property people plan on buying

they'll use it themselves one or two

weeks a year and rented out the rest of

the year with the right downpayment it

can pay for itself very well and be

quite lucrative

a typical vacation rental for example an

example might be four hundred thousand

used to close four seven hundred

thousand so we're still far below the

carolina beach wheelchair oak island ada
peaks for what it's worth and the issue

on the table for this family was you had

a relative with a disability and a

wheelchair so we were looking for a be a

compliant oceanfront homes for sale or

Carolina beach homes for sale in North Carolina

ad a North Carolina Ocean View homes etc

so we started looking for elevator homes

number one on all the beaches but what

we were finding is still even with the

elevator homes you had piers you had

Beth decks and balconies to walk out on

with stairs and the homes were not gonna

be accessible for the wheelchair home so

because of my experience I was familiar

with a nuance of Oak Island real estate and that is

where the streets are the cross streets


that connect to beach driving speech in

West Beach let me zoom in and zoom out

here okay a lot of the Oklahoma streets

where you have these streets here at

43rd 40th 46 you know approximately

every three or four blocks at Oak Island

they usually go directly out to the

beach without stairs without an obstacle

to a wheelchair so if you can find a

home in Oak Island pretty near one of


sections with an elevator all of a

sudden you have a home with a really

good chance of being a ADA compliant for

a beach home for sale in North Carolina

and South Oak Island from my experience

on mostly eight different beaches Oak

Island is the most friendly to people

with disabilities in wheelchairs I would

call it the most ADA complaint

Beach overall and this home right here

is an example it has an elevator it's a

vertical duplex meaning there's one

living level and then another living

level each one has its own kitchen etc

and one of them was 88 compliant and

right here was the place where you could

just go straight out with the wheelchair

a few houses down Oak Island does

actually have what we call beach field

chairs they've got this big great wheels

on them and they either loan them out or

rent them out I'm not sure which and

they take pride and offering these

wheelchairs to the public

throughout the summer I've seen them at

Carolina Beach too but they force the

challenge at Carolina beaches most of

the oceanfront homes require stairs to

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get in and out so you'd have to go to

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the boardwalk area with its ramps they

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Carolina Beach to pull that off oh god I

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know you have tons of these direct

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areas that are direct directly out to

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the beach with no stairs so I hope that

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helps some of you guys the port are

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helping you find a beach home in North

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