The Cape Fear Crossing & Brunswick Forest

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Cape Fear Crossing Irks Brunswick Forest

hi i'm jay seville the owner of


wilmington real estate comments


wilmington - real - estate calm i am a


passionate consumer advocate and realtor


in southeast North Carolina and also


have done a lot of business in Northern

 brunswick forest homes

Virginia in Washington DC


today I'm going to discuss and put on


the table as succinctly as possible a


lot of information that I've recently


digested about the Brunswick Forest Cape Fear Crossing controversy


for the region and this is from the



North Carolina Department of


Transportation this Cape Fear crossing


project has been 26 years in the making


and could potentially affect some


neighborhoods in the area and those two


neighborhoods are Brunswick Forest and


Mallory Creek plantation in particular


so I'm going to go over some different


maps and scenarios with you and at the


end I may even give a little opening


some passionate thoughts about what I


think the North Carolina Department of


Transportation and the state itself


should do about this whole situation


number one or let me let me say this


contact me and I will have on this sheet


here a nice PDF with tons of information


on it ready to go for you and I'll send


you a copy of this PDF file mainly it's


information from links to Wilmington


viscom in the port city


newspapers in our area along with the


North the NC gov website and the maps


and stuff this is the area that we're


talking about here in Brunswick County


and this project in 26 years in the


making the goal is to have a third cross


over in the Wellington another bridge


crossing the Cape Fear River and right


now there are several options for it


here's six of them right here one of


them alternative V in the middle of


Brunswick County that was going to cross


over up here on the north side of


Wilmington just got crossed off the list


because it was going to affect historic


district or historic areas of


Bloomington and that's a no-go and the


reason that was appealing my


understanding is is it was going to cost


less but that recently got ruled out now


you have these other options the


challenges for the Wilmington excuse me


for the Cape your crossing is this


alternative tea here it's supposed to


cost two hundred and thirty million


dollars less than some of the other


options and of course that's the option


that happens to be going in between


Brunswick forest and Mallory Creek


plantation so what happened was the


state for decades has had the right and


the authority to freeze land where it



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