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Failure To Launch 

When I was young I thought the rich and wealthy were selfish, lucky, smarter or at times even unethical.  

Theose greedy bastards, I would think. I thought you had to burn people to get ahead and I was not willing to do that.  

I did not want to have to burn people to get ahead.

As I have gained some status in life, made progress, what I have noticed about the successfull and wealthy, besides the morning routines, the value of relationships and their willingness to spread the wealth, the most common trait among the wealthy, was there propensity towards action!

I did not find out all rich were corrupt neither,  did I find out they had some super special I.Q.  

Brilliance does not entitle you to anything. 

Your status and hard work does not necessarily make you wealthy.

Let me repeat. 

Wealth is most commonly linked to propensity towards action.


Geniuses die broke all the time never having fulfilled there potential or even realized it.


I sometime say its about who you know and sometime it definitely helps, but then you look at people like Lebron James, Michael Jordan and many others, they knew no one and still succeeded..


You can’t always count on who you know.


One thing you can count on is your ability to MOVE in the direction you believe will work until you eventually find something that works.


When I ask those I coach to work on the morning formula, post facebook lives, it is because its something i know 100% my coaching clients can do. Without a Doubt.


The chance of you making an awesome trade in crypto,  the chance of you duplicating door knocking success, and selling homes in record time, your first time, is almost 0%..


To many people sit idle waiting while their families depend on them, waiting until they can be sure. While they wait, messing around, opportunities pass them by.


Being visible, doing the lives moves you, let opportunities know you are present.


Opportunity is not looking for someone brilliant to help.


Opportunities are looking for the ones covered in bruises and dirt, but yet is still trying..


Opportunity chooses not the smartest but the bravest.


Maybe you have been scared to try to follow others into crypto, maybe you have tried something a thousand times and failed, continue to move, continue to try, opportunity will find you..


Be visible.


Fortune has always favored the bold, and its done so for a reason.

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