How to Get Realtors to Work with You - Advice for Loan Officers

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Many Loan officers asked me how to get Realtors to work with you. This short video includes tips that I would implement if I were to become a Loan Officer knowing what I know about real estate agents. 

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My name is Nat Wallen. I am a Realtor in Charleston SC and decided that I would take steps to help loan officers who struggle with face to face sales techniques with Realtors. This channel focuses on mortgage loan officer marketing ideas that go beyond the traditional methods most mortgage training videos teach. 


I am not a mortgage coach, however, I do have a unique perspective on the real estate agent side of the industry and I can help with marketing to Realtors effectively.  


While I cannot really comment on loan officer salaries, or the best mortgage company to work for, I can provide a day in the life of a real estate agent, which may help you formulate and train your staff on  loan officer strategies, especially when it comes to working with Realtors. 


What’s in it for me? As a Realtor helping loan officers?


I know, I might be skeptical too! 


In the spirit off transparency, I have built a free real estate crm for loan officers and Realtors called BellaRuby. It is designed to bring both sides of the industry closer together, and will help you form lasting relationships with your referral partners and past clients as well.


I want to make this brand new system grow quickly, and feel together we can partner in the distribution. I truly believe that bringing value, and in this case, helping Realtors save money is the best top loan officer strategies to come along in the history of our industry.


And yes there are many mortgage loan officer marketing strategies, but to be able to help agents develop their career, and stay connected with them on their daily journey has never been seen or done before. I would hope that you will share this with your company, as this is a great chance  help your company gain mindshare amongst busy Realtors.


Subscribe to this YouTube channel where so you can get new loan officer training videos. 


Each week we will explore different ways on how to get Realtor referrals without having to pay for an agents’s meal, or worse, their marketing budget… (seriously???)


These loan officer career tips are of course totally free and are all designed to help you turn the tables and level the playing field when looking for new ways on how to get realtors to work with you. 


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