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Home Buying Tips

Sometimes the sheer amount of available property options in the market can really cause a headache. Thankfully, buying a new home for you and your loved ones is all about keeping a lookout for a few key features. We will help you locate your next abode with a simple checklist.


Most of us would love to live in a cozy mansion overlooking the sea but we must face the cruel reality of budget constraints. By accessing the practicality of your total cost, you can make informed decisions in picking the right property and allocating additional fees such as renovations and furniture.


‘’Where is the nearest grocery store’’, ‘’where is the closest school’’, ‘’is there a train station nearby?’’ These are all useful questions to present to your agent when browsing for a new home. Even if you owned a car, it cannot be stressed enough just how important it is to be within close range of a medical facility in the case of an emergency.

Also be mindful of the type of building and its environment, if you are single or without school-age children, it might be best to avoid units close to schools as gathering students and school bells may cause some noise pollution for sensitive folks.

Check Surroundings

It is important to assess the type of area your prospective neighborhood is. Drive around at various times of the day to have a personal survey. Some homeowners purchase their perfect home only to realize the dangerous and suspicious activities within the area when the sun goes down. Take caution to prevent this!

Optimize Open Houses

Visit as many houses as you can and check out the entire condition of the place, examine the state of the toilets and kitchens as renovation costs for these can cost a great deal of money. Checking the age of the structure and previous ownership information may also help you in assessing the quality of your potential home.

Other hidden costs may also arise from plumbing, central heating systems and air-conditioning, so be sure to make a complete inspection of the property and iron out the finer details with your agent.

Plan ahead

Many homebuyers plan for the present but forget that a home is usually also for the future. Consider the possibilities of children, aging relations and other factors if you intend to stay for the long-term.

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