Pricing your home In Pensacola, DO NOT do as in Rome or on Zillow

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Happy day to you in Pensacola, Pace and Gulf Breeze Florida! Let's be transparent here I am not here only to convince you to use me as your realtor, interview me and see what 25 plus years, thousands of home sales, 98% sales to list price ratios, lowest days on the market and average savings of $5400. may do for you. But to educate you on the marketing and selling of your home. Any agent can do what we often refer to as the 4 P's of markting 

  1. Put a sign in your yard 
  2. Put your home in MLS 
  3. Put their feet on a BIG BOX real estate office desk somewhere and  
  4. Pray it sells before you realize that is all they do.

My 187 things I do along with the 27 steps to sell YOUR HOME is a far better solution I think. 


I would like an interview if you are thinking of selling, buying or rent in the Pensacola, Pace or Gulf Breeze Florida area. What I am here for is to convince you to use a Realtor in your local market for ALL your real estate needs. 

If you called "name any town " other than yours and ask the price of gas, a can of green beans, a type of car now you get the picture I dare say it would be quoted different than where you are Rght RIGHT so why do you think that Zillow, or these big oweing to noone sites would know the price of your home. 


Pricing your home is personal and for many reasons should be ONLY discussed with the agent you finannly decide to list with. Sellers so often discuss marketing and what an agent will do to sell their home but do not know that if they say "I want to list at ayz but will consider a much lower price" then those agents if not hires can tell potential buyers that and lead to you getting less than you would have liked.

I always explain to a seller my marketing, how I get perferred buyers and real estate agents working for them including a whole group of agents that are not a member of our association or REALTORS that are licensed but will never see their home unless marketed to and that is what I do. 

Thinking of SELLING We Charge a flat fee (Fair Fee) of $2995 to sell your home. We use our 27 step Home Marketing System designed to sell your home faster, for more money while saving you as much as 50% or more over traditional real estate fees  Call or Text Charles Stallions NOW 850-476=4494 for a 5 Minute free over the phone evaluation or Email: for a complete package to review, no high-pressure sales pitch or obligations


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