On a Home Inspection what can the buyer asked to be fixed?

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Use an experienced Realtor when buying a home. Even new construction have a punch list. 

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Home Insections a.k.a. the deal killers. The questions of the day is what can a byer asked to be fixed VS what should they ask for. Here in the Manchester NH area, the rule of thumb I use is for a buyer is for things we can not see with the naked eye. Most often Well, septic, leaks, heating system, smoke detectors, roof etc.


Now everyone inclusing buyers and their agents does not follow this. The latest trend is for a buyer to want everything and anything fixed. This is leading to sellers saying straight up no and killing the sale. The problem is the buyers expectations are off. The buyer needed to know what to expect, what to ask for and what they should not.


Many homes are priced according to condition. Take a older home I listed. It needed paint, new carpets and the kitchen was 1960's. It was in a very desired neighborhood in an upscale town. The home was priced lower than those homes already redone. We accounted for a buyer needing or wanting to replace the kitchen, modernize the bathrooms, paint the interior and install new flooring. I had a good 2 hand fulls of offers all over asking price. 


The best offer was chosen. Then came the inspection. They did not tell us anything we already knew. There was no surprises and no large repairs. But the inspector mentioned the age of bath and kitchens. The buyer asked for interior paint, new floors and money back to install new a kitchen and bathrooms. Not only did the seller say no, she wanted to kick them out when they came by to ask why.


The agent was just has puzzled as the buyer which is strange, cause the buyer agent should have known better. It leads me to the moral of the story. To be frank, Hire an agent who knows what they are doing. Hire an agent who will go over what to expect and what not to. 



Perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT message is to share with every consumer that my philosophy is simple, provide more personal and professional service to guide my clients through each step of the buying or selling process. All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST not just the biggest. Those that hire me, find a dedication like no other.


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