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Following on from my previous blog post where I talked about DIY tips that I am slowly learning from buying my own house, in this post I am going to provide some tips for tiling.

The house I bought had really dull looking floor tiles in one of the main bathrooms. Basically not my taste! The room would not be too big and as a result, it was difficult to find a tiler who would do such a small job.

Luckily, I met a salesperson from a tiling supplier at a convention I attended. I told him about my difficulties in finding a tiler who would do this small job for me. He suggested I do it myself. All I needed was the "essential tool kit for tiling".

In this post I am going to share with you some of those essential tiling supplies that you need for any tiling job.


1) Measuring Tape

This one is a little obvious! A tape measure is a really important item to have in order to measure the area properly and to measure tiles for cutting. Using a heavy duty measuring tape will have a better chance of lasting a long time and could better withstand being dropped and still working.


2) Tile nippers

Tile nippers are really useful when it comes to cutting small pieces out of tiles. This is essential for cutting tiles for difficult corners, vents, plugs or other obstacles.

Tile nippers can cut smaller tiles whereas a tile cutter would not be able to provide as an accurate finish.


3) Caulking gun

A caulking gun is an essential tool for tiling because you are likely to need one for silicon for finishing. This was a particular requirement for me since I had been tiling a bathroom. Water resistant silicone is used to keep out moisture from seaping under bathtubs or shower trays. Doing this will help to prevent damp setting in your home.



4) Tile cutter

There are a huge number of tile cutters that are available from all the major tiling suppliers. You can choose from an electric tile cutter or a manual tile cutter. Electric tile cutters offer a better results but they are more expensive. Manual tile cutters are good for small to medium sized tiles, however, larger tiles could be a struggle.



5) Tiling Trowel

A tiling trowel is a tool you need to have for any tiling job.

tiling tools


Tiling trowels are used for grouting and for leveling out tiling adhesive.


If you are thinking of doing some tiling in the near future, consider looking at buying the items mentioned above as you will need them to provide an excellent finish. If you are planning some DIY projects, why not share them in the comments below.





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Robin Wells
WellSwept Chimneys - Victoria Harbour, ON
Giving Peace Of Mind One Chimney At A Time

Thanks for post and tips.  Some DIY jobs are actually quite easy and if care is taken a top quality professional looking job can be done.  I have seen some DIY work which is better than average contractor work!!  But of course there is always the other side.. start small area and see how it goes.  Thanks again.

Jun 25, 2019 02:50 AM
Joseph Doohan

So true Robin, DIY was never my forte, however, when I tried, was patient and took my time, it works out!

Jun 25, 2019 03:16 AM