Top 8 Reasons Why you Shouldn't Move to Maui

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Living in paradise can be quite a challenge and if you're thinking of moving to Maui I would caution you to think long and hard about the decision. I would encourage you to sit down and thing through both the pros and cons of living on a tropical island paradise. To give you a starting point, I will list the top 8 reasons why you shouldn't move to Maui.

  1. You will get sand in EVERYTHING. Things that you didn't even think it was possible for even a grain of sand to fit in, will house a whole beach. You'll vacuum out your car and it will be epic surf the next day and you guessed it, more sand. Sand in your toes, sand in your hair, sand EVERYWHERE.
  2. Sun Exposure. The cost of (reef safe) sunscreen is high, not just financially, but with your time, because the sun is always shining somewhere on Maui. It will take minutes out of your day to spray on that protective layer. Then you'll have to do it again because all of it got washed off in the ocean. Talk about a time suck. And don't get me started on the tan lines.
  3. Fresh fish. Seriously, if I have to go to one more restaurant and hear their special about the mahi that was caught that day...and there is always a view of the ocean. Maybe I want to eat without seeing the whales breaching, it can be such a distraction from my food. 
  4. Aloha Spirit. People are generally always outside and in a good mood. I mean, most of us do have to work, but the good moods start to get on your nerves, "Hey, I hear Windmilss is breaking, do you want to go surf after work? Hey, do you want to grab a coffee and go sit at the beach for lunch? Hey, do you want to go for a walk on the boardwalk next to the ocean in the morning?" Just give it a break already. That aloha spirit can really wear on you after a while, all that positivity and love and compassion. Come on, where is the intensive, competive work environment and the congested rush hour traffic?!?!
  5. The Views. Speaking of rush hour traffic, the traffic on Maui can really hold you up. Sometimes you get caught in traffic while driving next to the ocean, while the sun is setting. It can hurt your eyes.
  6. Another beautiful sunset?!? Sunset are another thing. All of the brillian pinks, reds, oranges and purples make people camera crazy and your iCloud is always full.
  7. Rainbows. You see rainbows frequently, several times a week at least. And I've seen the end, but there never is a pot of gold.
  8. You may never go home again. Maui has the ability to enchant you, to draw you into the crystal clear waters and the pristine sand beaches and you may end up moving to Maui. Just don't say we didn't warn you. 

With warm aloha!

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