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Truth be told, I shouldn't really be writing an article about how to get organized. However, as a business person, I'm increasingly realizing the importance of organizing your work to improve your chances of success. This is critical no matter what business you are in, be it blogging, real estate, investing, or any other area.

So, this week, I thought I would outline some of the main strategies that I've seen other business owners use to set themselves up for organizational success, tools that are helpful, and how I plan to use these myself as my business grows. If you are a whiz at organizing your business or have tools to share, I'd love to hear about these in the comments.


Trello is a handy online tool that I personally use to brain dump ideas that I have for my blog as well as product ideas. It's good if you need an editorial calendar of sorts, and it works on your phone too so you are never too far away from dumping your ideas on the go. I like the color coding capabilities of Trello and the simplistic design. It's also good if you need to share things with other team members. Right now I have hundreds of post ideas saved in Trello that have helped me sit down and write posts like The Top 10 Social Anxiety Books.


My husband has a service business and we just signed up for Quickbooks so that he can more easily track and send invoices. However, I've also heard of bloggers using Quickbooks to easily track monthly expenses and reduce the headache of doing taxes each year. I'm pretty sure that I will sign up myself soon. I already use to track monthly personal income and expenses, so it seems like a logical next step.


I was just listening to a blogging podcast that was discussing what to do with all the papers that you have for your (blogging) business. I think again this applies no matter what business you are in. This podcaster advocated keeping everything in one central location (makes sense) so that when you sit down to work, you're not constantly looking for things. So if that means paper, you would keep all the paper in one place like a binder. I need to implement this too, as my business papers are currently all over the place.


So I have yet to check out Evernote but I keep hearing about it. My understanding is that you can organize your digital files and then access them from anywhere. Not only that, but you can scan your paper files and then organize them as well. I know that Abby and Donnie from Just a Girl and Her Blog rave about Evernote and have a system to keep track of their electronic files. Something to keep in mind.

Google Calendar

I saved the best for last! I've always known about Google Calendar, but hadn't paid much attention. Then the other week I completely forgot about a birthday party I was supposed to take my daughter to. I reached out to a Facebook Group for organizing tools and most people suggested using Google Calendar. At the time, I was looking for something to track appointments, but when I eventually got around to using the Calendar I realized it could be so much more. Then, I saw someone in another Facebook group had put together a weekly schedule for themselves in Google Calendar. I was sold at that point, as I loved the color blocking, etc. The reason I'm writing this post today is because it was in my Google Calendar and my phone reminded me to do it. How easy is that?

I wish you success organizing your business! Let me know of any tools you've used and love.


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