2 Ways to Transform a Room

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Recently  I took on the project of updating my home room by room. By updating I mean, painting, switching up decor or just rearranging the furniture. After 5 years in the home, I felt like some of these updates were necessary. 

Ever since starting this updating project, I have realized there are 2 things I feel truly transform a space, without knocking down walls or doing any sort of construction. 


1. Area Rugs

My living room had the same area rug in it since the day I moved in. I never thought anything about it, mainly because I loved the rug. That was until I was out shopping and I came across a rug I just couldn't leave without. Also because this rug was highly discounted, it'd be silly to pass on such an awesome deal. 

I purchased the new rug got it home and immediately switched it out. I could not believe how different the room looked, it felt so new and fresh.

Simply getting a completely new area rug was all that space needed to freshen up space. 


2. Painting

Painting is probably the number one way to update a room. It's an easy update that makes a large impact.

So I decided my guest bedroom was feeling a bit drab and dark. I knew it was time to give it a refresh with paint. I grabbed my paint deck and searched for the perfect light off white color to brighten the space up. Once I found the perfect paint color I knew it was going to be what the room needed. And it was. The room now feels light, airy, and inviting.  The power of paint is amazing.


Out of all the updates I did to my rooms, the new area rug and paint were 2 that made the biggest impact on my rooms.  Not only were they easy updates, but also affordable. 

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