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Natural Energy Storage in Demand Among Home Buyers

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For many years now, global warming, pollution and the lack of resources have been a topic of constant political and social discussion all around the world. Although Australia has taken major steps in order to reduce carbon emissions, on a global scale, it seems like we have not done that much.

The desire to build a sustainable and eco-friendly environment grows on an individual level. More and more people are raising awareness on the importance of recycling, water and energy usage, alternative resources of energy and more.

But more than raising awareness, more and more individuals as well as companies are striving for innovative technology as expectations in real estate and housing continue to grow in demand for clean energy solutions.

 who strive to set an example on how to implement all these innovative ideas.

Zero Emission Housing

In 2013, a company called De Young Properties built a single house that was nothing like the family business has ever built before. The house was their first project in an attempt to build a net zero energy building.

The house has the potential to produce as much energy as it would consume in a period of one year by using solar panels and big batteries to store the energy. During the period of four years, the company did not develop any other homes. They used their beta project as a testing ground and worked hard to improve the technology and make it even more sustainable.

In 2017 the company started building houses and constructing three new communities with more than 140 single family homes. All of these houses have the same energy efficiency system.

The price of each house ranges from $350,000 to $450,000 USD with about $10,000 additional cost over De Young’s energy properties.

The company's early investments and persistence were really important. If you decide to buy a house in California in the next 5 years there is a good chance that it is going to be built by these new standards.

Australia Leading the Way in Solar Energy

Australia has proven to be at the forefront of natural solar energy and the innovation that surrounds solar technology. This is not only true in its legislative attempts to motivate homeowners but also in terms of inventive solutions on both small residential and commercial properties.

Natural Solar is providing world-class solutions to ordinary Australians through its solar battery innovation. These innovations in clean energy are not only economically persuasive but very appealing to those whose goal is to build self-sufficient households and reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

Considering the Cost

Cost is one of the main reasons that people have remained connected to the grid. 

Storing energy is still perceived as very expensive, but this perception is beginning to change as a new means of storing solar energy become available.

In the US, the Tesla company offers one solution with its Powerwall energy storage system.

One unit costs around $7,000 USD and the company assures its customers that two units are enough for a single household. It should store excess renewable energy and provide you with 24 hours of electricity if there is an outage.

So that brings the total cost up to $14,000 without installation. Installation may cost from $1,000 to $3,000 according to the company.

The Impact on the Real Estate Market

It comes as a little ironic, but the more self-sufficient a home is, the more it is perceived to be a luxury home that’s only really available to high-end buyers who already have the funds to cover their outrageous energy bills and have no practical need to seek a self-sufficient and sustainable solution.

Like a sports car, a Rolex watch or a landscaped backyard pool, for some, it's simply a status symbol. This has often meant that real energy solutions remain out of reach of the working class as prices are driven up by virtue signalling market tactics.

If the sustainable household is presented as a status symbol, more and more people are going to want one and that in turn will drive up the price of housing.

There are many people who truly want to make more environmentally-friendly choices but who are kept out of the market place for eco-housing and solar energy solutions.

Natural Solar is among those who are bridging this gap through Government-funded schemes to provide cleaner energy to people living with a disability through the NDIS.

Such schemes may help pave the way for more affordable solar solutions to ordinary Australians, as well as set new, and more realistic benchmarks in real estate prices for everybody else.