Benefits Of Using A Rock Crusher For Housing Developments

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In my experience of helping companies in the development of housing, there are a lot of logistical, environmental and monetary savings to be had by having a rock crusher on site. If the site is for a large development of houses or apartment blocks, I am going to outline some of the reasons to have one on site and to list the benefits.


What is a rock crusher

A rock crusher is a heavy industry machine that is used to break large rocks and boulders into more manageable sized rock that can be used for road making, foundation fill and building stone.


Is it hard to get rock crusher parts?

There are lots of websites online that stock crusher parts for sale, so for crusher operators, sourcing parts should not be a problem. Having established contacts in the sector over the years, feel free to contact me personally for a recommendation as to where to get crusher parts.


Benefits of rock crushers

There are many benefits to having a rock crusher on site including the following:


Save money on road fill

If there is rock present on the site, why not dig it out, and crush it rather than having to pay a quarry company to deliver tonnes of road filling to develop the roads to your new buildings. To me, this makes way more sense to use what is present at your building site and is better for the environment.


Reduces pollution

Newly manufactured crushers are built to be more economical and less polluting. By reusing material present in a building site, means less requirements for the transportation of material from quarry to site and less traffic on roads.


Saves money on building stone

I love stone walls and not blowing my own trumpet here but I am quite a good stone builder. I have built stone that has been crushed by large grade rock crusher. The stone was crushed into manageable stone that could be further chipped away to suit my requirements. Again, using a rock crusher for your building stone can greatly reduce the costs of having to purchase building stone from a supplier.


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