Lets all look at the bright side of Real Estate

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We all know anything in life worth while is never easy. During the recent "boom market" selling Real Estate seemed to be as easy as putting a sign in the yard, prompting everyone who decided to change career fields to get a Real Estate license or jump into Mortgage and or Title Insurance. I urge all of us who are trying to keep our heads above water in the current difficult times to recall the difficulty of competing with an over population of agents driving our commisions as low as two percent and forcing some to take the professionalism out of our industry in order to do business. Remember there is always a silver lining and in my humble opinion I am happy to see clients value the services my fellow Real Estate friends provide. Keep up the good work guys - Keep in mind if you saw someone open a business and never do any marketing you would shake your head and say they will never make it without getting the word out. Go back to the old fashioned concept of marketing your business at a minium of once a month. You are all running your own independent business, never give up! Create a great new marketing plan to give new found energy to your Real Estate business! Create a marketing budget and a new concept for each month for an entire year it does'nt have to be a large campaign, remember to keep it manageable! Just get something out to your current contacts and to a small neighborhood you are familiar with. It never hurts to buddy up and walk the neighborhood handing out something memorable. Always carry your cards and wear your name tag (even to the grocery store) You are your sales team no one can promote you the way you can! So stay positive and get out there and market, market, market! When the industry gets busy again (and believe me it will) you will wish you had time to get organized there is no time like the present!
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WOW..not only did you update your did a post..I am impressed!

It is a very good post to boot!

My suggestion,is to join a few groups and add your posts there,so more people can see them and will comment.

Very good advice!


Jun 05, 2008 09:29 PM
Cris Burlew
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You know I've said for the past few years to our new agents, just get back to basics. The technology side of our business is great, but we seem to be lacking the personal side. The best way to build that relationship is to get in front of the consumer!

You have some wonderful ideas on marketing...keep it up!

Jun 06, 2008 03:03 PM