Out-of-State Home Sales: a "How To" Guide

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Putting the right Lake Havasu team together that handles out-of-state home sales is the first step. Learn more about selling your property in one state when you live in a completely different one in my "how to" guide.Lake Havasu City acted as the "go to" vacation spot for decades. Then, as the California real estate market skyrocketed in price, buying a vacation home or investment property made sense for our neighbors to the west. In fact, our secondary market is second among the top markets in the country. If you find yourself ready to cash in on our current seller's market or find that you need to make a major move, things could be a little trickier when you try an out of state home sale. Follow this helpful "how to" guide to make the process a little easier.

Out-of-State Home Sales: a "How To" Guide

Hire an Experienced Pro

Click here to search all homes for sale in Lake Havasu CitySince you can't always be there in person to handle business, you need to find an experienced Lake Havasu REALTOR® who knows how to deal with these types of transactions. Interview several agents here to find out which one you feel most comfortable with before you decide on one. Get references. Ask how often they plan on talking with you either via email, text or phone. Find out how quickly they promise to get back to you when you leave them a voicemail. You need to feel confident that they can take care of anything thrown their way in your absence.


Staging your Lake Havasu home is a "must", especially with out-of-state home sales. More likely than not, you took your furniture with you when you moved away. Blank canvasses work great for artists. Not so much when selling a house. Talk to your REALTOR® about who they recommend to come in and professionally stage your property. And don't forget about your curb appeal.

Can Your Team Facilitate This Type of Transaction?

what's my home worthIf you hire someone who handles out-of-state home sales regularly, they should already have a team in place to facilitate whatever comes up. However, it doesn't hurt to ask. Do they use a virtual signature service like DocuSign? Can you sign paperwork in front of a notary and overnight it back to the office? Just make sure that all parties are flexible enough to work with an out-of-state seller.

Let it Go

Once all of the pieces fit into place, simply let it go. You hired the right people. Let them do their job. Check in regularly, of course. But don't stress over every single detail. That's your agent's responsibility now. Contact me if you have a Lake Havasu home you need to sell.


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