Stryker Stretchers Gurneys Used Refurbished

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Stryker Stretchers and Gurneys Used Refurbished

Stryker Stretcher Models

Stryker stretcher - gurneys for sale used - refurbished

Stryker stretchers and gurneys are some of the best made transport and ER stretchers made in the world and
we sell them used - refurbished and also fully reconditioned in new condition with full warranty. The most 
popular stretcher models are listed below and include a variety of models and different series of stretchers
made by Stryker over the last 10 years. Contact us for questions, to order or for more information below.

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.
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The current Stryker stretcher models are the "Prime Series" stretchers and these have been in service
for about 5+ years. The model before "Prime Series" was the "SM" or "M" Series stretchers which included
big thick blue push handles, blue bumpers and strong and strudy blue rails that drop below the patient.

There are also a series of OBGYM stretchers, surgery stretchers (with dual articulating head pieces) and
also fluoroscopic stretch models that are popular and also listed below.

Stryker "M" Series Stretcher Models and Price
Stryker 1005 and 1007 stretcher - refurbished $1,795 - reconditioned $2,395 incudes new mattress pad -
excellent looking stretcher with a bariatric weight capacity of 700 lbs. The 1005 and 1007
look exactly the same and can only be differentiated by looking at the tag



Stryker 1015 "SM 204" Big Wheel stretcher - refurbished $1,995 refurbished - 2,595 reconditioned includes new mattress pad
This is one of the most popular stretcher models ever made by Stryker and has the exxact same frame as the
1005 model except with a big wheel in the middle which reduced push by 40% and also corners better on turns.



Stryker "Prime" Series Stretcher Models
The Prime Series stretchers are current generation stretchers being made now by Stryker and like the "M" Series stretchers
these all have a 700 lb bariatric patient weight capacity. Stretchers come in 26 and 29 inch width plus rails and are very durable,
reliable and look good in any hospital or surgery center environment. These stretchers are also sold used - refurbished and reconditioned with new mattress pads.




Stryker 1061 OB-GYN "Gynnie" Stretcher 
Used in emergency rooms and surgery centers this stretcher includes stirrups and has a drop down section
in the pelvic area. These are used for OBGYN procedures and also childbirth.  This is a durable and reliable
stretcher used in emergency rooms, maternity wards and other parts of a hospital and surgery centers.

Stryker 1061 OBGYN Stretcher Price
Refurbished = $1,895 Reconditioned $2,895



Stryker Surgical Stretchers - Eye, Head and Neck Surgery Gurney
These stretcher models include a dual articulating head piece and are used in surgery centers
around the United States. They are durable, reliable and used for a host of various surgical procedures.

Stryker 1069 Stretcher - Advantage Series - refurbished $1,695 - reconditioned $2,495
Stryker 1079 Stretcher - SM Series - refurbished $2,195 reconditioned $2,995
Stryker 1089 Stretcher - Prime Series refurbished $2,495 reconditioned $3,495

Stryker 1089 eye stretcher video

Stryker 1080 X ray - fluoroscopic stretcher

Stryker 1080 Fluoroscopic  Stretcher Gurney - X Ray Stretcher 
This stretcher is used for C arm and X-ray procedures and is one of the only stretchers
with a head section on each end.  

Refurbished $2,395 Reconditioned $3,495

Stryker 1080 Stretcher Video

Stryker 1080 Links


Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.
California (858) 263-4894
Virginia (540) 327-7376

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