Rural Virginia Offers Many Gem Areas for Quiet Living

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Rural Virginia Offers Many Gems for Quiet Living
Virginia Photo Blog - Travel Blog Post 

Virginia is a state where many of the freeways and highways are lined with farms, trees, pastures and wildlife. While traveling around anywhere in the state you are sure to see a host of forested areas where shade lines the stretts and highways and people can by homes and land for a fraction of the cost in other states. I recently traveled through some rural sections of Virginia and saw some beautiful and historic places that makes this one of the great states and places to live in our county.

See photos below and if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place to live or purchase a second home consider Virginia.

Historic Culpepper Virginia

Historic Culpepper Virginia movie sign still shines bright in the downtown area

Old hardware store in Culpepper Virginia

Rural country store in Virginia

Blue Ridge Country Store in rural Virginia

An old chimney sits along a vineyard from a building that once stood from the 1700's at Valerie Hill Winery

Old town Winchester Virginia

Signs along a bridge in Sperryville Virginia

Beautiful green grass and trees in rural Virginia

The winery home of Valerie Hill Winery - built in 1807

Sprerryville VA Post Office

Old church still in use with graveyard next door.

Old church building from the front

"Treasure Chest" shop in rural Virginia

These are just of few of the many photos I took during a very relaxing drive along the 33 and 522 highways in Virginia. Looking for a great place to live in America? Give this some thought and use Activerain to find an agent or search for homes or come visit Virginia and cruise the highways yourself and see these gems in person. You can follow me at lifethroughthelens108 @ instagram.

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