Downsizing Your Belongings to Move? Read These Tips First!

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If you're like most people who are getting ready for a big move, you really want to downsize the number of things you'll have to move - and often, that includes holding a yard sale or making massive donations.


Here's what you need to know before you downsize.


3 Must-Have Apps to Sell Your Stuff Before You Move

We use technology for everything else, so why shouldn't we use it to sell our extra stuff before a big move? Check out these three must-have apps to sell your stuff before you move - they'll make your whole life easier.


3 Tips to Make the Most Money When You Sell Your Stuff at a Yard Sale This Summer

When you're selling your belongings at a yard sale, you want to make as much cash as possible, right? Here are three surefire way to maximize your earnings, even if you're holding a one-day sale and you get rained out before noon.


5 Tips to Help You Rake in the Cash During a Summer Yard Sale

If you're holding a moving sale, these five tips will help you earn enough while you're doing it. You'll discover inside tips on how to price your stuff to move - and quickly.


Are You Moving to Florida?

If your big moving plans involve sunny, beautiful Florida, check out the area known as 30A. The beach communities along this beautiful strip of road are definitely worth exploring. Look at our:



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